Demand that Obama support E-Verify and Deport His Illegal Aunt

 Demand that Obama support E-Verify and Deport His Illegal Aunt

( I wonder how mily Cyrus,Britney Spears,Tea Leoni, The IRS,and Michele Obama feel about Amnesty, Chain immigration, Obama’s Illegal Aunties, and E-verify?

Friends of ALIPAC,Special welcome to the hundreds of new people who signed up for our e-mail alerts in the last 48 hours, in response to our call for Obama to serve justice and protect the rule of law regarding his illegal alien aunt.

The story is sweeping the country and has been reported by ABC News, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, World Net Daily, the Drudge Report, the Lou Dobbs radio show, and many other places.

We need everyone’s help today. The Obama administration is postponing the implementation of the E-Verify system because it would cost illegal aliens their jobs before they have a chance to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY that would render the E-Verify program moot!

Please pay special attention to today’s action alert and move on these items.

Step 1: Please use ALIPAC’s new contact information list for the US Senate and Congress to contact your Senators and Member of Congress by phone. Tell them “I want the E-Verify System deployed immediately to prevent illegal aliens from taking jobs from Americans and legal immigrants and I oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY. America needs Comprehensive Immigration ENFORCEMENT instead!”

New Senate and Congress Contact List

Step 2: Follow-Up your call with an e-mail, fax, or letter. ALIPAC’s plans of calls followed by written follow-ups is calculated for maximum impact for your efforts.

Step 3: Please take FIVE MINUTES to view and rate the following two videos. We need thousands of you to help so the messages in these videos will reach many more Americans.

If you approve of the message in these videos, please:
A. Send copies of the videos to your contacts.
B. Vote 5 Stars
C. Add the video to your favorites
D. Post a comment for ALIPAC and other Americans to see.

Video 1:

ALIPAC’s President William Gheen appears on the Lou Dobbs Show on CNN to discuss Obama’s delay on the E-Verify system, new attacks on freedom of speech, and more…

E-Verify Stopped by Obama: William Gheen on Lou Dobbs Tonight


PS: After you have finished the steps above, feel free to vote in this online poll that already shows over 80% of Americans agree with us that Obama should deport his aunt…

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