Mexican Male attempts sexual Pick-up of 12 yr old girl in Wyden's / Obama's / Potter's Oregon

11b1g31423nc3o83l28bme716c9fed9151150 Mexican Male attempts sexual Pick-up of 12 yr old girl in Wyden’s / Obama’s / Potter’s Oregon

(when he gets arrested Washington County will list him as a white male and the Oregonian will not do a news story on this incident)

Man  Mexican Male Illegal alien Attempts to Entice Young Girl Into his Car.
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 02/06/09

Summary of Event:
Wednesday evening a man in a vehicle followed a 12-year-old girl while she was walking to a friend’s house. The man   Mexican illegal alien asked the girl several times to get into his car. The girl did not reply to the man, and ran to her friend’s house. Deputies are looking for leads involving the suspect.

Details of Event:
On Wednesday, February 4, 2009, a 12-year-old girl was walking to her friend’s house in the 14000 block of SW Pleasant Valley Road in the unincorporated Community of Kinton. She was alone and was walking a short distance from her house at the intersection of SW Scholls Ferry Road and SW Pleasant Valley Road.

The girl reported that a man in a dark red, mid-90’s, Toyota Camry or similar vehicle, followed her down the road. The man told her to “get in the car,” and said they “would have some fun.” The girl described the man as a Hispanic male adult in his 20’s. She said, he was muscular and was wearing a white T-shirt with food stains on the front.

The girl told investigators that the suspect kept talking to her until she ran away from him and went to her friend’s house.

Detectives are the asking the public for any information involving any similar incidents in the area.
Get involved go to and help stop amnesty for illegal alien rapists. Let Jeff Merkely know he was wrong to support drivers liscenses for rapists  mexican illegal aliens.


How does Britney spears feel about amnesty?

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