Obama Surounds himself with H-Ib Visa supporters or traitors

Eric Schmidt  Owner of Google is very pro h1-b worker and is obama’s buddy and helped him with his transition. On top of that, Eric banned  google blogs critical of obama, 

 from alipac,

From Rob Sanchez’ newsletter:<<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER No. 1973 — 2/04/2009 >>>>>President Obama continues to surround himself with champions of free trade
and open borders. Fortunately Tom Daschle was forced to withdraw — and I
say fortunately because he is a pivotal figure in the H-1B fiasco. I
believe that’s one of the reasons that Obama wanted him in the cabinet.
Obama’s cabinet and other government appointments are transforming the
executive into a solid block of H-1B advocates who want to expand the

Sen. Judd Gregg secretary of commerce is as bad as it gets. Obama might as
well have appointed Bill Gates. Gregg gets a failing grade of F on guest
worker visas from Americans for Better Immigration:


I wanted to punch him in the face as I watched a 5 minute video of Sen.
Gregg at the Cato website (link below). Among other things he wants to
raise the number of H-1B visas to 150,000.

Greg parrots the industry line on H-1B. One of his favorites is to repeat
the claim by Bill Gates that every H-1B creates 5 jobs for Americans. Ron
Hira asked the right question for Computerworld:

The five-jobs-per-H-1B-worker claim, said Hira, “is so absurd that
Mr. Gregg should be laughed out of the room. This is the kind of
thoughtful leadership that Mr. Obama is bringing us?”

Ron Hira wrote a stinging article for EE Times where he said:

“Obama Administration has been in office just a few weeks now, but
we already know how it will address the offshoring of engineering
jobs. It will promote it.

Be sure to read the last part of Hira’s commentary because that’s the most

Unfortunately Gregg isn’t the only bad appointee. Diana Farrell was
appointed by Obama for the National Economic Council and as deputy economic
adviser to the president. She has worked for the McKinsey Global Institute
for a long time. In 2004 Farrell said:

“People in the US are looking at it as a job issue. They are not
economists and therefore, they dont necessarily see the whole
picture. What’s going to happen is that offshoring is actually
going to benefit US businesses even more than India.”

Larry Summers and Ron Kirk are two other stinker appointments by Obama.
Summers will lead the president’s National Economic Council and Kirk will
be the chairperson. So, Obama is stacking his entire administration with
pro H-1B, pro free trade, and anti-worker dregs from industry and the
Clinton and Bush administrations.

Last night Lou Dobbs had an excellent report on Gregg and it is available
at the CNN site. Ron Hira appeared on Dobbs so he has really been hitting
the road to get the word out.

DOBBS: Well this may be what we’re going to see from the Obama
administration. That’s a shame, because it’s intellectual
dishonesty. It is absolute arrogance to continue to repeat the
policies of the past. Larry Summers, all of these folks very
capable people, that are absolutely part of the Rubin legacy.

It’s devastating what’s happening here. The millions of people,
working men and women who worked and supported and voted for
Barack Obama for change in the direction of trade policies have
to be extraordinarily disappointed, but fundamentally, if there
is no change on the part of our elected officials, on the top
policy choices, on free trade, on outsourcing, and focusing on
manufacturing, how to incentivize it and how to build our
middle class, rather than destroy it, this administration will
be remembered for something besides change and a disbelief in
the change they brought, but rather the legacy will be further
destruction of this economy, and that is intolerable to all of
us. Bill Tucker, thank you very much.


Video: Lou Dobbs and Bill Tucker, Gregg at Commerce

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