H-IB Visa High Tech Workers From India Profit from American Foreclosure in Chandler Arizona

H-IB Visa High Tech Workers From India Profit from American Foreclosure in Chandler Arizona

The High-Tech Hindu Nationals bought a foreclosed home at a “good deal” , profiting once again at American’s expense.
The Male Hindu National works in the huge High Tech industry around Chandler, Arizona ,where importing foreign workers , rather then hiring American college grads , is the norm.
cable tv is brazen , openly showing illegal aliens employed , with all the blandness of Wonder Bread.

I am furious that these jobs are being given to foreign workers, and Corrupt Congress continues to give away good jobs to foreign workers , while our own college grads struggle to pay off student loans at 1980 wages.

HGTV – the Home and Garden station, featured a family of Hindu Nationals , complete with two anchor babies.

It was so nice to see them discuss how happy they were that the neighbors kept up their yards.

arent they supposed to go back to India, or are H1-b visas another example of Chain immigration ?????????
I’ve never worked with them but from what I hear, they’re a typical body shop that brings in loads of foreign workers on H1-B visa from India and other 3rd world dumps and floods the IT market with them. Then, people like me with 10+ years in the IT industry who truly know their stuff have to clean up the mess they leave behind.
from Roy Beck at Numbersusa.com
Sen. Menendez’s plan to bring in an additional 550,000 permanent foreign workers next year would be made worse by chain migration. Every one of the proposed 550,000 immigrants under Sen. Menendez’s plan would create a chain of immigrants connecting to more than a dozen other families. Once you do the math, you can see how devastating Sen. Menendez’s plan would be for American workers and the infrastructure of our country.

First, a typical immigrant from a developing nation has three adult siblings from one family. As soon as that immigrant becomes a citizen, he or she can put those siblings in line for immigration. In other words, as soon as that first immigrant arrives, the rest of the extended family considers themselves on a path to America as well. However, the chain does not end there.

The first immigrant’s spouse plus the spouses of the first immigrant’s adult siblings are also eligible. That makes nearly half a dozen families who are waiting in line thanks to that one (just one of 550,000) immigrant. Each family includes siblings, minor children, parents, etc.

In addition, each of those spouses has adult siblings, and the chain continues. A single immigrant can create a chain of possibly 17 different families. The chain migration effect on Sen. Menendez’s proposal has been missing from the discussion. At the very least, I hope you will oppose Sen. Menendez’s plan. Should you feel compelled to do something proactive, you could also introduce a bill to end chain migration, which clearly does not benefit the interests of the United States.
With more than a third of its engineers foreign born and the global market beckoning, Silicon Valley is in the midst of its very own cross-cultural revolution.
Increasingly, high-tech heavyweights such as Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:
INTC), Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE:HWP), Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW) and Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) are turning to cross-cultural training and English second language courses in order to help foreign-born employees adapt to American work-life, as well as build multinational corporate cultures.
Of all the high-tech companies, Intel has one of the most impressive programs — running a perpetual cross-cultural training program out of Chandler, Ariz.
“We are a 24-hour factory. We are 24-7,” said Nancy Kenney, Intel’s multicultural program manager.
As Kenney spoke, the Chandler campuses were training 70 Intel employees flown in from the company’s Costa Rica assembly testing facility. “At all times there are people [undergoing cross-cultural training] from Costa Rica, Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines and Ireland,” she said. Kenney said a key aim of training was to instill Intel’s corporate culture and way of doing business.
After all, when you have a veritable United Nations of employees working in telecommuting teams, it helps if they have a common approach.
“Intel has its basic culture and values which everyone learns, whether they are in the United States or Costa Rica or Malaysia,” she said.
‘We are a 24-hour factory.’– Nancy Kenney, Intel multicultural training
For foreign workers coming to the United States, Intel’s cross-cultural training covers everything from ESL (English as a second language) courses to lessons on driving, sexual harassment and how to work with Americans

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1 Response to H-IB Visa High Tech Workers From India Profit from American Foreclosure in Chandler Arizona

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    calls american fat lazy buggers who eat potatoe chips all the time and says that his people, the Indians, are the cream of the crop and should have all the jobs.
    typical racism from Hindu nationals.
    when did Americans become lazy?
    we are one of the hardest working people on the planet

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