Goodwill @ Cornell: 49 Illegal mexicans & anchor babies


border-hopper1Goodwill @ Cornell: 49 Illegal mexicans & anchor babies

Yes , I went into the Goodwill  to find a book , which I try to avoid because I hate being swarmed by short dark illegal aliens. If we deported the Mexicans , the store would have had about 10 people in it, instead I counted 49 and several more pulling in their cars. It is not true they are leaving, instead they are using the anchor babies and crime to stay.

16157 Nw Cornell Rd, Beaverton, O

Goodwill Industries

16157 Nw Cornell Rd, Beaverton, Oregon 97006
(503) 533-9935

I absolutely believe Goodwills on the west coast to be employing  illegal aliens and immigrants before Legal Americans with disabilities. Why are their employees named Lupe, Maria etc and they speak spanish etc?

I also know dirt on the Goodwill in Oregon that I cant publish here in detail because Americans might be hurt further ,since we cant count on the police to protect us.

Apparently  a goodwill manager sided with  the latino criminals and called anyone who complained a racist.He was promoted by Goodwill not fired. 

The Goodwill manager who was on the side of Americans was fired.

 You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside Goodwill because if the rest of the US got wind of what is going on, there might be ICE raids, and there might be a huge drop in donations, because let’s face it all those illegal aliens and state department refugees are not donating good stuff to the Goodwill.White Legal Americans are the chief donaters to the Goodwill.
 also when I went into the Bellevue washington Goodwill it was all immigrants working there who barely spoke English. 

 I personally have been hit, shoved stalked harassed by the violent illegal aliens who have taken over the Goodwill store. I am afraid to enter one store because I am targeted by Swarthy ugly Mexicans who look like Orcs in the the Lord of the Rings. the Goodwill is so corrupt that they are essentially the same as the illegals, since most of the employees are named Pedro, Lupe , Maria ….I have watched as  the illegal spanish speaking Mexicans who work in the back brought out special merchandise for their buddies.

 Many, many Americans quit shopping because they were tired of the double standard and the danger of shopping at Goodwill.  The invasion of Oregon is much much worse then anyone knows, it is now about government corruption at every level and legal Americans are the victims. 

Following is a satire


What’s Wrong With Mejanos?



Making babies for fun, profit and the benefit of the Pope

The other problem, and arguably the biggest one, is that once a fertile Mexican enters the country illegally, they can spurt out some Spanish-speaking offspring and automatically become Americans, even if they haven’t paid their taxes, and even though they are criminals by the very fact they entered the country illegally. They’re like rats in that 10 of them can inbreed and become a thousand within about three years. This whole baby-birthing gap is an immigration loophole we’ve been trying to spackle-over for years, and until we find a way, it’s still going to be profitable for illegal Mexicans to have all kinds of wet, unprotected sex in any of our 50 great states (plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands). Let’s identify that gap and close it.

Having sex in America is not a crime!

But it is, sometimes, especially when there’s no denying that you’re an illegal immigrant, because once you’re here illegally, everything you do is illegal because of that first crime you committed – immigrating illegally. Let’s work together to not make the coital act illegal, but instead let’s fix these Mexicans so it doesn’t have to upset anyone when they do their dirty deeds, even if blessed by matrimonially permitted conjugation, as long as it’s in the privacy of their homes, among consenting adults, and doesn’t somehow spill over into Americana. Sure, they won’t get all the tax breaks provided to those with a half-dozen dependents on the 1040-EZ, but they will have the luxury of completing that great American tax form, along with the responsibility of sending in their due contribution unto Caesar.

 Support $$$$ Fire Your Mexican Gardener. Do not rent to Mexicans or Other Illegals. Report & Deport: 503 326 7475 STOP ALL IMMIGRATION FOR TEN YEARS

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11 Responses to Goodwill @ Cornell: 49 Illegal mexicans & anchor babies

  1. Marie says:

    Let’s get rid of them all!!!!

  2. Colony14 says:

    If the picture above of all the Illegals holding all the food and bags of food is from the Goodwill, it appears they are getting FREE FOOD handouts that only Legal American Citizens should be Entitled to!
    What I would really like to know is if you can tell since there’s such a huge amount of Illegals dithering round that particular Goodwill store, do you believe any of them to be EMPLOYED there?

  3. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    colony I responded to your remark in the body of my post. basically the illegal gangsters have taken over and Americans are being forced out of using the Goodwill all along the west coast. only donate to the goodwill what you have vomited on urinated on, destroyed or mangled. Find charities that do not have a huge illegal population. there arent many because the illegals in Oregon have taken over those too.

  4. Colony14 says:

    Thanks for your Response stoptheillegalinvasionoforegon.
    I have alot of friends that are not pleased about Goodwill pampering the illegals I have let know about this.

  5. Colony14 says:

    And, I quit the Catholic Church because of Catholic Social Services slobering love affair with the massive help they give to the illegals.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      colony – my new motto is Vomit, smash, urinate, slash, mutilate on all goodwill donations.
      if there is something worth stealing in the United States, the Illegal hispanics etc will sniff it out and take it over, since they never learned to share and are bound by thier jealousy and hatred of whites.

  6. Colony14 says:

    YES! I learned that very well growing up in Los Angeles County and watching any Loophole of any kind for anything whatsoever, the Latino’s would go straight after it.
    I saw where Odingo’s Stimulus Bill and Pelosi’s HR-3221 a year earlier SUPERFUNDED different Welfare type Social Programs.Like, USDA Rural. They started a really good way for ONLY LOW-INCOMES being allowed to Apply & Qualify for a USDA Rural Direct Loan. Like FHA being for Low-Incomes, USDA Rural Direct gives these Illegals with ONLY an ITIN Number=a number given to anyone by the IRS, to buy homes with Government Grants from
    Not only did they get massive Down Payment Assistance they also got 1% Loans on their Mortgages. IF they cannot afford the 1% Mortgage Payment, the Government AGAIN comes in and pays even MORE of that 1% Mortgage payment, with yet another Government USDA Subsidy!
    So, what has happened only since this USDA Rural Direct GRANT and Loan program was started by Odingo’s Stimulus?
    All, the Illegals have used it to get nice homes, so it’s flat broke already.
    Yes, this is what they do. Just like the cockroaches they are.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I prefer cockroaches because you can kill them legally …..
      In oregon the illegal trash mexican drunk baby raping illegals, got their stronghold in the rural areas, where the growers, ( who should be hung) let them in and they never left. Now most of Oregon is theirs, and it really is dangerous to let them know what you think of them- vicous little midgets –

      In Portland there are many of them because rents are too high and there isnt much housing, so the liberals can be smug about the invasion. we need to stop all immigration for ten years, but I think the US is beyond home.

    • fercryingoutloud says:

      The illegals have taken over our beautiful coastal towns in California. Not only do they infiltrate our neighborhoods with gang violence, the drug cartels are using our national parks to grow marijuana and process methamphetamine drugs.
      In doing so to protect their “crops” they poison deer and wildlife who might eat the stuff. They set forest fires because they get drunk around their campfires.
      They shoot hikers that venture into their grow territory.
      AND THE TAXPAYERS ARE FREAKING PAYING FOR THE UPKEEP OF OUR NATIONAL & STATE PARKS! All for the drug cartels to make a profit and destroy for our future generations.

      Mexicans really are the scourge of this earth.

  7. fercryingoutloud says:

    I stopped going to Walmart because it is getting scary there.
    I have seen Mexican teen boys hocking up a big loogie and spitting all over the floor, I personally have been shoved by a Mexican man who came up behind me while I had been waiting in line at the register and it was MY TURN!

    I no longer see our citizen teenagers working ANY of the fast foods. Its ALL SPANISH SPEAKING ILLEGALS at McD, KFC, you name it!

    REMEMBER, do your part–
    DONT hire mexican gardeners & laborers (they do half-ass work, and they steal from you)
    DONT hire mexican nannies (search the web for child abuse/kidnappings)
    DONT patronize stores that hire mostly mexicans
    DONT donate to large charities (Second Food Harvest, Goodwill, Salvation Army) it is ALWAYS the illegals who are first in line for the handouts (while driving their shiny new suvs, and talking on their fancier-than-mine cellphones)
    LOBBY for changes to the 14th Amendment to eliminate birthright citizenship for anchor babies
    CALL ICE if you see illegals in your neighborhood

  8. maranda hanks says: wrote :

    all mexicans arent violent and junkies! all you ppl need to stop being iggnorant, mexicans are just like blak and white ppl mayb even better..stop being racist….white ppl were killed by black panthers and black ppl by klu kluk klan,, youll should all just keep killing each other and extict each others race.!! so the world wont have all there iggnorant ppl are the ppl who make the world soo bad..

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