Two Illegal Mexicans in Woodburn Killed in Car Accident ELISEO OJEDA-DELOSANTOS,URY ISLAS-LIBRADO,( Happy Dance!)

Two Illegal Mexicans in Woodburn Killed in Car Accident ELISEO OJEDA-DELOSANTOS,URY ISLAS-LIBRADO


,( Happy Dance!)Victims Identified in January 30th Fatal Tth_snoopy_happy_danceFatal Traffic Crash – Highway 99E north of Salem
Oregon State Policehappy_face_team2


The names of two victims criminal wetbacks killed January 30th in a traffic crash on Highway 99E north of Salem are being released following confirmation of next of kin notification to family members in Mexico. Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers are continuing the investigation.On January 30, 2009 at approximately 6:02 a.m. a report was received of a commercial truck in a ditch blocking Highway 99E near Barbara Avenue NE north of Salem. Within 3 minutes a second report was received of a serious traffic crash at that location. Emergency responders arrived and confirmed two people were killed and two others trapped in a pickup. The ongoing investigation indicates a 2005 Kenworth truck pulling a loaded semi-trailer was being operated northbound on Highway 99E near milepost 43 missed a turn for a delivery in the Salem area. The truck’s driver was attempting to turn around to go southbound at the intersection with Scott Avenue NE when the truck slid into the ditch on the west side of the highway and became stuck. The semi-trailer was stopped across both Highway 99E lanes of travel.Conditions were described as dark with heavy fog.The truck’s driver was standing outside on the south side of the truck to warn approaching traffic when his trailer was struck on the north side by a southbound 1992 Chevrolet S-10 pickup with six occupants. The pickup crashed into the right center side of the semi-trailer and was partially lodged underneath.

The pickup’s male driver, URY ISLAS-LIBRADO, age 17, and male right front passenger, ELISEO OJEDA-DELOSANTOS, age 23, both lived in the Woodburn area, were deceased at the scene.

Initial information and photograph links released following the crash is available on the OSP website at:

OSP troopers and crash reconstructionists from the Salem Area Command office are continuing the investigation. No enforcement action has been taken pending the completion of the investigation which will be reviewed with the Marion County District Attorney’s

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8 Responses to Two Illegal Mexicans in Woodburn Killed in Car Accident ELISEO OJEDA-DELOSANTOS,URY ISLAS-LIBRADO,( Happy Dance!)

  1. Tim Jones says:

    he wasn’t a wetback, and how can you say its good that his dead, i wish it was you who had died instead of him


    Look man The People from Mexico come and do jobs that you wouldn’t do because your to lazy to do them, I

    mean what happen to julio could of happen to anyone not just him because his mexican, it could of happen to you, or one of your family members if it did happen i

    dont dont think you would be saying this, but you cant do nothing about i mean you just so screwed up you dont think right!!!!!

  2. john says:

    Its not the fact that we wont do the jobs , it’s the fact we wont do the jobs for 4 dollars an hour.
    you guys live in a house with 3 familys and only have to pay 200 dollars a piece for rent and thats how you work for less

  3. you know says:

    you know what you discuss me you are so retarded ill do the happy dance when you die bitch!

  4. Anonymous says: ProfessionalCEO
    I am Mexican and came from a very wealthy family (who live in a mansion with no other families). I attended school for 8 years and just received my PHD, and at 26 years old i now make $700,000 a year which is more than any white person makes in my state. Throughout school i used to see white people drop out left and right with their pathetic whining about how “school is sooo hard”. See us Mexicans have a very strong mentality to work and the Mexicans who were not given the opportunity to go to college are stuck with their crappy jobs. Even with crappy jobs us Mexicans don’t mess up like you white people do. Have you ever been to a drive through and been helped by a white person who actually got your order right?…NO, but a Mexican will never get it wrong. Any Mexican who is lucky enough to attend a good college will excel far more than any white person ever could because of our strong mentality. We should be the ones calling you poor excuses of human beings nasty names.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      You’re a racist and a liar with a huge chip on your mexican wetback shoulder. Yes, I think you are a mexican anchor baby, and I think you are a liar and racist like all mexicans and hispanics. From reading your post, I know for sure that you don’t live in a mansion, you do not have a PH.d and you don’t make $700,000 a year.
      I bet you work for Taco Bell and just got promoted to Manager! you rock

  5. millie says:

    I have hispanic in my blood but it goes far back in my roots and

    I also think alot of the mexicans do wrongful thinkings but just because we have hispanic roots we are all judged wrong, you no there is good and bad in all races you cannot sit and say the people are perfect because they also do things just like the mexicans.

    My be Its okay to give some of them the right to work here but hey do a full back ground check see what kind of people they really are keep the bad out.

    You no just like Lucy Huerta aka Maria Huerta and so on names she uses has several identities throw her out you no shes up to no good and all the people who do this

  6. Anonymous says: Tali Aguilar

    It really is amusing you talk such crap! You should take your ignorant ass to the library and do some research about who the true AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE!!!
    As for us being wetbacks…I think you’re just jealous because your girl prolly left you or cheated on you with a true american (Mexican) lol. That is what we have too much of in this country…white trailer trash sluts like your relatives! LOL
    I think you are just one ignorant pale face bastard that wouldn’t know humanity if it hit you in the face. YOU RACIST!!!!
    But thats ok, because we don’t like people like you anyways. We aren’t here because we need to be liked by you. You all are just theives and take advantage of anything you can to get ahead. We on the other hand work to get ahead. This worlds economy would be lower than it is if it were’nt for us…so you should be kissing our ass instead of talking so much crap.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      jealous – Mexicans are short, ugly , mulatto short legged little beasts with really small penises. I mean really small. but then they shop in the little boys shop so that explains a few things. and mexicans and hispanics are the worst never see a midget mexican male with a black woman nope he has to have a german or irish fair skinned american woman.
      Mexicans are jealous because they have to steal from white americans to get anywhere because they made such a shithole of their own country. nope I can only hope that the coming famine and water shortages will take out a lot of mexican breeders. ***Update***Hit and Run case Investigated by Hillsboro Police and Washington County CART***update
      Hillsboro Police Dept. – 03/22/10
      This news release updates the earlier release posted below regarding this hit and run case during which a 12 year old Hillsboro boy was struck by the suspect’s vehicle..

      The suspect in this case, LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO, age 22 turned himself in at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on March 22, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Hillsboro Police took him into custody without incident.

      GUERRERO was lodged in the Washington County Jail on 1 count of Felony Hit and Run.

      On March 21, 2010 at 6:45 PM Hillsboro Police were called to SE 73rd St. near Borwick Rd at the report of a vehicle vs. pedestrian traffic collision. A 2009 Volkswagen Tourag was traveling northbound on 73rd at approx 25 mph and struck a 12 year old boy who was in the street playing basketball alone. The impact caused the boy to fall onto the street causing injury to his head.
      Because of concern over the head injury, the boy was life-flighted to Emanuel Hospital were he is being treated. Upon transport, the boy was conscious alert and breathing. his condition is currently unknown.

      The driver of the car fled the scene on foot leaving behind his wife and two small children who were also in the car at the time of the crash. He is identified as LUIS FERNANDO GUERRERO, age 22 of Cornelius. He remains at large at the time of this writing.

      Washington County Crash Analysis reconstruction Team is completing the investigation and police are still looking for the suspect in this case. He is now wanted for felony hit and run. A photo of the suspect is currently unavailable.

      Updates will be made via flashnews when the suspect is located and arrested and as the victim’s condition changes.

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