Black/coloured/negro/ woman tells me This site is sick and all whites want to be black?

scan00352Black/coloured/negro/ woman tells me This site is sick and all whites want to be black?oh yeah and God and Karma are going to whoop my ass .

No, I don’t want to be black , Somara.abc_pressly_vance_081127_mc And white people get that blacks hate us because they have been committing hate crimes of rape and murder and robbery ever since the 60’s came along . They have targeted whites, especially blond, white women . I am glad to see God is black and a punk from the Hood smashing down those bad white people. You are the Racist , Somara.
198..186.128 Submitted on 2009/02/14 at 4:30pm
This website is sick. One day God will put a whippin’ on you. Sleep with one eye open because your karma is coming to you. When it does you better shape up and get your ignorant friends to fight with you. Talk about all the things White people do. It shows that more whites are on welfare than anyone else. I did a paper over it. Black people will be taking care of you in a Nursing home because your kids will abandon you. That’s why I laugh when I see alot of y’all in there because you have to depend on the people you hate the most. Some of you are the most hateful and bitter people. Since you want to talk about hispanics and blacks, include whites too. The disgusting things y’all do. You hate us, but you want a tan, fuller lips and big boobs. I laugh at you because I have what you want. You think your one of us because you put grease in your hair, change your voice and your clothes to appear black. No you will never know what it’s like. Someday God is going to look at you and hurt you where it hurts most.

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