Now Judges not allowed to ask Immigration status of Foreign Criminals

scan003920sp_maras1Now Judges are not allowed to ask Immigration status of Criminals

( for sure the US government is working for the Mexican Drug Cartel)

Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer
February 16, 2009 2:21 PM

Judges should not ask criminal defendants who are represented by counsel
about their immigration status at bail hearings or prior to sentencing,
the Maryland Judicial Ethics Committee has said.
Given the “controversial, high-profile” issues surrounding the presence
of millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., “reasonable minds could
perceive an appearance of impropriety based on a judge’s inquiry as to
immigration status, at sentencing or at a bail hearing,” the advisory
opinion said.
That runs afoul of the judge’s responsibility to “perform the duties of
judicial office diligently, impartially, and without having or
manifesting bias or prejudice” based on national origin, race or
socioeconomic status, the committee said.
That conclusion has drawn criticism from some quarters but praise from
Immigration attorney Jonathan S. Greene said permitting a judge to ask a
defendant about his immigration status improperly places the jurist in a
role akin to a prosecutor.
Such questioning could elicit answers that prompt prosecution for
immigration-related issues, such as document fraud, he said.

“Once a judge opens the door, it is impossible to know just how much
damage might be caused” by the defendant’s answers, said Greene,
chairman-elect of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Immigration Law
Section. “A judge should not bring it up.”

And that’s why they should ask.  Has everybody gone crazy?
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