Police Give Oregon Slumlords Training on keeping criminals out of Rentals ( oh you mean Illegal aliens?)


dani_countryman21Dani Countryman Murdered In Oregon by illegals ,Mocked by the Oregonian.Update: Dani’s family has filed a lawsuit for over 3 million dollars against Clackamas County for not deporting her  illegal killers after they were arrested for drunk driving.


Police Give Oregon Slumlords Training on keeping criminals out of Rentals ( oh ,you must mean  Illegal aliens?)


Virtually all  of the Mexicans arrested in Oregon , whether for rape , or murder or drunk driving ,have landlords who rent to them knowing full well they are both  high-risk and illegal. Oregon Landlords use  the excuse of the Fair Housing Act to keep in the $$$$ black.This is a lie , because they have no problem evicting American tenants that  should be protected under Fair Housing Laws.

 If landlords had to depend upon just legal Americans for rental income,  rents would be much  much lower.. They might even become decent landlords because they could not longer rely upon an out of stater to replace the current renter.Imagine have appliances that work and not being bullied or evicted just because you asked for the harvest gold stove to be replaced!

Instead, rental units are filled with illegal aliens. Washington County’s low income housing  includes Bonita villa , on bonita Rd in Tigard. There Mexicans have taken over, the street sign on the street is in spanish, the manager is mexican,and mexicans are dealing drugs. 

 A Mexican breeder   illegal  wife of one mexican drug dealer, lived at Bonita Villia with her four anchor babies. She worked illegally at one of the nice hotels in Lake Oswego,while   her mexican husband dealt drugs.

 It would be nice if people would connect the dots between rental vacancies and a 17 percent inflow into Oregon, partly from Illegal aliens, state department immigrants and idiot Americans who think the West is Narnia .  Oregon had cheap rent until the exodus from California began in the early 90’s ,which was also when the mexicans began arriving.So it’s about Numbers, if there are only so many housing units and illegal aliens arrive in huge numbers and breed in vast quanities, then they displace the normal population, and cause rents to spike, yet if you say this to a liberal , they call you a racist and stick their fingers in their ears.

from the horse’s mouth( state of oregon):

Oregon’s need for affordable housing continues to escalate as more than 181,000 low-income Oregon families are currently burdened by excessively high rent – all at a time when the state and its families also face rising unemployment and foreclosures.
 problem is the illegal aliens get section 8 housing and  they have largely caused the rent inflation. The State of Oregon is one of the main reasons rents are so high because they encourage illegal aliens to work illegally and to use Welfare programs.


If the Police want to get rid of gangs and crime and drug dealers, they need to come down heavy on the Landlords.This is so obvious it is unbearable. Property managers are useless in keeping out criminals, because if they don’t keep the places rented, they can be evicted in 72 hours and many landlords use this as their weapon.  

Dana Countryman was murdered by two mexican gardeners, illegals, who happened to do landscaping in the same complex where Dana had her neck stomped on .  If her family had any money they could have filed a civil lawsuit against the landlords.

One example out of Millions; It is a felony to rent to illegals , but the U.S. is a law-less land where even the President’s Aunt refuses to honor a Judge’s demand she leave.

Landlords use the illegal alien population to jack up rents and keep their Lake Oswego houses paid up. If you want to stop crime print the landlords home address whenever another rape takes place.

A landlord was arrested in LA this year, for intentionally renting to MS-13 gang members.

Landlords are some of the worst crooks in this state and running little workshops is feeble. A few blocks from where this will take place are several huge complexes taken over by illegal aliens. The property manager is an illegal alien. Washington County has rented to sex offenders at their low-income housing complexes. The police know the illegals cause crime, but does the general public?

Police Take Lead To Make Rental Properties Safer
Tigard Police – 02/20/09

The Westside Crime Prevention Coalition (“WCPC”) will present a training opportunity to rental property owners and mangers on Saturday, March 14th, 2009. The eight hour training session titled “Keeping Illegal Activity Off Rental Property” will be conducted at the BeavertonCity Hall located at 4475 S Griffith Ave. in Beaverton. It will begin at 8:30 AM and continue until 5:00 PM.The curriculum will be instructed by nationally recognized Portland attorney, John Campbell. The materials and ideas presented were developed by Campbell after he found himself embattled in his own neighborhood which appeared by be overtaken by criminals. It left the neighborhood residents feeling powerless and frustrated. From that struggle came the concepts which he developed as a result of crime that can spill out from rental properties into the community.The program helps property managers; landlords and owners maintain a safe and attractive property while taking steps to reduce the opportunity for crime and related problems. Information about tenant screening, physical elements such as landscaping and maintenance, warning signs of drug dealing and usage, as well as the application process are included in the training.”WCPC” is a group of crime prevention and community resource officers representing seven law enforcement agencies in Washington County. The group works together to problem solve for all areas within the county. Providing training to property managers is just one of many different programs developed by the group.Registration information can be obtained by contacting 503-846-2579. Seating is limited to 100 attendees. Deadline to register is February 27th. More information is available at
http://www.tigard-or.gov The cost is $30.00 which includes continental breakfast, lunch and the training manual.

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8 Responses to Police Give Oregon Slumlords Training on keeping criminals out of Rentals ( oh you mean Illegal aliens?)

  1. bruce says:

    all of this crime is caused by stinking mexicans and their political pals in the democratic party. just keep voting for the the party of hope and change and you daughter can join the dead victims of illegal alien crime.

  2. Pingback: Juan Vasquez-Cruz, guilty plea in stabbing death of another Mexican,Martin Cruz-Bote( with five anchor babies) in Mexi-trash Marion County( immigration status withheld as per usual « Stoptheinvasionoforegon’s Blog

  3. Pingback: Juan Vasquez-Cruz, guilty plea in stabbing death of another Mexican,Martin Cruz-Bote( with five anchor babies) in Mexi-trash Marion County( immigration status withheld as per usual « Stoptheinvasionoforegon’s Blog

  4. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    jorge.juradosalinas9@gmail.com Submitted on 2009/02/26 at 6:17pm


  5. landlord says:

    I can appreciate your concerns and they are valid. It’s tough when us landlords that do follow the law are thrown into the stereo type of being a slumlord. If you are looking for a place to live, ask the landlord for a Criteria for Residency. It tells you about the screening process. If the landlord does not have one, you may not want to rent there.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Former Apartment Manager Arrested For Theft Charges
      Sandy Police Dept. – 04/02/09
      On 04-02-09 Officer Bickle of the Sandy Police Department arrested 35 year old Patti Ann Bradley of Bend for 3 counts of Theft in the first degree, one charge of Identity Theft and one charge of Falsifying Business Records. She was arrested in Bend earlier today on a warrant for the listed charges and transported to the Sandy Police Department for a brief processing then on to the Clackamas County Jail where she was lodged. Bail was $40,000.00. This investigation began in April of 2007. The officer assigned to the initial investigation died suddenly in 2008 before completing the investigation.

  6. Sue says:

    Do not lay the illegal immigrant problem at the feet of landlords. The problem is with police enforcement. Check out how many arrests in Marion County are any ethnic group other than Hispanic? How many of those are illegal and we “the people” just don’t take the time or money to send them back? Did you know that it is not legal for a landlord to require a social security number when screening? We can ask, however if they refuse there is nothing we can do about it. Did you know that we have to rent to anyone who meets the criteria? We do not have the “right” to not rent to people because of their race, because they didn’t provide a social security number, or for many other reasons. If you want to blame someone…blame the tenant advocates that spend day and night educating illegals on how to get free money from our state, our government and how to ride the system…blame our government for providing illegals with lawyers instead of shipping them home, blame our “system” for setting forth rules that we as landlords have to comply with or be fined. More often than not, our hands are tied.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I believe Landlords do have a right to make sure visas and green cards are valid . I dont believe that landlords are victims to Fair Housing laws , because I have seen landlords fill up apartments with illegal mexicans ( and mexicans are the worst problem) they hire mexicans as managers they advertise in mexican ( see C and R Real estate services) they give special treatment to illegal aliens because they fill up apartments during lean times.
      I also dont believe because I have seen the same landlords who talk about Fair Housing evict Americans ruthlessly for asking for repairs; Americans who were disabled. I have also seen them kick out mexicans en mass when they got tired of all the mexican crap, so they werent too worried , they just found some of the good tenants instead, such as young college students, or nice white young coupls saving for a house.
      The police say they cant check for immigration status, but there is a lot they can do that they wont do to make it hard for illegals.
      yes the shitty little illegals have been trained to use the Fair Housing card, The one word they can say in english beside FUCK BITCH and
      Sex no pay, is Racist and DISH KRIM INATION. I was a place and the office help were latino’s. Funny thing is they didnt rent to me, but half the place was filled with mexicans. Too bad Iam not short dark and illegal.
      I know a manager , who thinks he is Christian, and hip and Sorta a Vegan type from Hawthorne. He rented the best apartment to a ” NICE MEXICAN FAMILY” this of course is liberal racism. He assumes Mexicans are Nice and have Nice values,. The Sadistic manager rented to them because no one else would pay the huge rent for such a shabby place.
      The PM hates white americans because they dont admire him and they expect repairs. Well he rented the place to the Mexicans, with their

      screeching loud loud loud anchor babies

      , and of course the poor white woman above, who is in her 70’s and has lived there for 26 was not considered. The mexicans moved in another male to help with the rent, now if the poor whites did that he would care.
      well stuff it landlords ,because you dont have to rent to someone who looks like a risk , I mean you have no problem kicking out Americans who are low income.Landlords have no problem NOT renting to Black Americans. I know a landlords who rents to mexicans and hires them, but no blacks ever.

      the crappy mexicans are not really going to file fair housing complaints, all you have to do is tell them that their names will be part of the public record and thier immigration status will be fair game , at that point they will drop the lawsuit. you see, those non-profits dont have the man-power to fight half a million fair housing complaints,
      and if landlords stood their ground instead of looking for money , the illegals would go home.,
      I think landlords and drug dealers are made for each other. There was a case where some illegal mexicans got all puffed up and were going to file a discrimination case, but the attorney said that he would not waste taxpayer monies handling their case and when they found out it would reveal their immigration status they dropped it.

      so in my book, landlords are scum. I also know of a mexican ,who said to the manager,you have to rent to me or its discrimination. well there are ways around everything,,,,,

      If one thing isnt true on an application, it can be dismissed and how many mexicans tell the truth. a tenant can be given a 24 hour eviction for lying

      nope at the end of the day, until the landlords have their home address posted on the Internet for the crimes committed by illegal, landlords will rent to them.
      You know damned well that Ilegal aliens have made it possible to jack up rents for crappy 70’s buildings and the best thing for people to do is look up
      their home address through the county tax department and put them on notice to stop.

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