Cancel The Paper: The Paperboy is a mexican Illegal alien: Oregonian is pro-amnesty

 Cancel The Paper: The Paperboy is (most likely)an mexican Illegal alien: Oregonian is pro-amnestyscan0043Mexicans deliver newspapers. They bring the anchor babies along with them in the middle of the night.

 In Chicago, sanctuary city,  a mexican illegal breeder left her baby in the van, while she collected newspapers. A mexican illegal male stole the van and later the baby was found.

 This kind of behavior would put the kids in foster care for neglect if they were white Americans, but Mexicans are so cute and short,so they just get our jobs.
   The Oregonian and all newspapers are totally pro-invasion. I guess it’s
 because they depend on  Ads from Corporations like Proctor and gamble, who in turn need to sell diapers to breeders.
    The illegal Mexicans next door are able to stay in Oregon because of the Oregonian.   Wherever you live, cancel the paper. Cancel the paper. It’s all garbage anyway. Following is the story of an American, who lost his computer job to outsourcing and H1-b workers and ended up delivering the paper, where he was passed over in favor of mexicans.

Life In The Blob
I was browsing through the blogs today and found that the New York Times has been talking about Tom Tancredo’s constituency being the “whitest congressional district in Colorado.” Here’s the NYT article. It seems the premise is that since Colorado is a white state, that concerns about illegal immigration is over the top.

I don’t think that the NYT has ever been to Greely, or Highlands Ranch, or anywhere else in Colorado. I worked in Greely. Greely is an agricultural center with a high hispanic population. Greely is on the eastern plains, where there are lots of farms. Farms that attract undocumented, uneducated, cheap Mexican labor. I think Pueblo is likely to be the same way. Probably somewhere around 60% of Greely is Mexicans. It might be un-PC to call them “wetbacks”, but they’re Mexicans, illegal immigrants.

Highlands Ranch is an upscale white neighborhood, full of people that work at places like Martin Marietta, or somewhere in the Denver Tech Center.

I used to be a Computer Engineer. College degree and everything. After I got laid off about the tenth time, I figured out that a lot of the high-tech jobs were being farmed out to foreign places like India, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China. I worked for CADIS Inc. until they sold the company to an India-based competitor. I must be repressing their name, ’cause I can’t remember it. I decided to go write my own software to do sophisticated analysis for trading the stock market. Without knowing how to start up my own company, and without having real resources to finance such an ambitious venture, I still needed a way to pay the bills… and finance my business ambitions, while I figured out what the heck I was doing. So I ended up delivering newspapers.

So the NYT thinks illegal immigration is a non-issue. I deliver the New York Times. Let me tell you what the newspaper delivery business is like. The newspapers have all been in big trouble. They’re going down the tubes. First, the Denver Post bought out the Rocky Mountain News, and called themselves the Denver Newspaper Agency. Somewhere along the line, they contracted for delivery of six nationals papers: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, USA Today, Financial Times, and Barrons. Last January, they added on the Boulder Daily Camera to their growing list of local publications. There’s rumors of printing the Camera downtown Denver, and trucking them down to Boulder along with everything else. It’s getting to be like The Blob, or The Thing, that keeps absorbing sickly or injured bodies into it’s sprawling monstrously hideous incoherent collective.

So life within The Blob/Thing is, well, not good, but almost adequate. As long as you don’t wiggle too much. Maybe, like being stuck in quicksand, one can slowly float one’s way out.

This was supposed to be about Illegal Immigration. Yes, there’s lots of Mexicans here in The Blob. Like Greely, like Longmont Foods, like Monfort Beef, I would loosely estimate that there are about 50% Mexicans in The DNA Blob. They don’t speak English. Yes, they can speak English, they just don’t. Would you think they’re native Coloradoans? I don’t. There was some problem with getting valid ID; i.e. a legal drivers license and a social security card. They probably came here to get the cheap newspaper delivery work. We’re not employees of the DNA; we’re contract workers. I guess that means the DNA doesn’t have to check immigrant status. At least very carefully. They certainly don’t have to pay any kind of health insurance, FICA tax, withhold income tax. A family of Mexicans works right next to me. I see them every night. When another white paper carrier had a stroke and had to quit the route, who did the managers give the open route to? Not me. It went to the Mexican family next to me. I’ve had a perfect record for weeks on end. The Mexicans can barely go a day without a complaint from customers.

So the NYT thinks illegal immigration is a non-issue. Just as long as the non-issues who anonymously deliver their papers do so without wiggling.

But there may be hope after all of escaping The Blob. I made $500 in the stock market today.

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