Mexicans In Oregon on Food Stamps : Oregon Trails Card in Spanish

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  • one: fake Id

  • two, Green cards , which may be fake.

  • Three, anchor babies who each get about $170 dollars

  • They also Get TANF, WIC and Section 8 Housing3yjca8jx4jqcarsl14ucastbqc4calx7jh8caxak509cad0uzypcakdvwjlcaflypqfca1llgj3cawxa2twcagi87cvcadkx1otcaxbkem7cam9ids9capl0mo0cahazxifca41isu6ca5wpizocav9ilckcheck_sm

 *Tired of paying for immigrants? Chain Immigration? Anchor babies?  Join


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4 Responses to Mexicans In Oregon on Food Stamps : Oregon Trails Card in Spanish

  1. Shelly says:

    I just find it disgusting that the mexicans are taking over our country. I recently lost my job, I went to the welfare office to try & get some food stamps for my kids. After waiting for hours while one mexican after another were handed their food stamp card, I finally got my turn. I was told that my husband made too much money. If he makes too much money why can’t I afford to feed my family? I don’t have credit cards or anything I can’t afford, but one by one the mexicans get all the help they need.. We have so many hungry kids in america. Kids that don’t have healthcare, clothes to wear to school, school supplies. All the money we spend on the mexicans would sure go a long way to help our own “LEGAL” children. Don’t get me wrong, I feel for all children, but I can’t justify helping children from other countries when our own children are suffering.. Something has to be done about the loopholes, as well. It is a crock of shit that just because two illegal immagrants have their babies here, it automaticly makes the baby a U.S citizin..No wonder we are going to hell in a hand basket. I could go on & on about how pissed off this makes me. The bottom line is something needs to be done. I live in my states Captiol & I have to drive by the capitol building, every day. I swear I can’t stomach another mexican rally. Thousands of them swarming the streets with their signs bitching about how unfairly they’re being treated & trying to convince us hard working tax paying Americans how much our economy needs them.. OH GAG ME!!! Go away already.. You are not welcome or wanted!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I work in a large grocery store in Southern Oregon. I am a sickened by the number of Illegal aliens purchasing food with food stamps on a daily basis at my store. They usually come in shopping after dark and on the weekends. I would say that 95% of them do not speak a word of English. Some of which do not even understand how to use the Trail Card in the machine to complete the sale. Most however, are very well informed on how to use the card and proudly pull it out of it’s pouch, to pay for their hundered dollar plus purchases of mostly highly priced meats, sugary treats, and soda. They tend to only purchase organic fruits and vegetables which are noticably more expensive.

    I see a flood of illegals on a daily basis in the store and more new faces each week. They are young men, pregnant women, grandmothers and grandfathers using food stamp cards, and wic and can’t speak or understand simple English.

    Please tell me what is going on? Why am I paying for these people to eat for free when I work full time and cannot afford to eat like that?
    sugary sweets

  3. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    It shows in my search section of my dashboard that four humanoids were married to illegals yet wanted to get food stamps. these must be the really white but really fat american women one sees in Oregon with the really short dark midget mexican spouse.

    food stamps in oregon if spouse is an il 4

    I knew someone who worked at WINCO foods, with an illegal mexican male. He was married to an extremely fat white american woman, who he cheated on.
    That just shows are primitive and self serving they are ……

    He said that
    if she could afford to feed herself that well she could afford to feed him too

    ugly mexicans

    mexican male
    hillsboro gang
    mexican gangs in salem oregon
    ice police uniform
    hate crimes against whites
    xin yang virginia tech
    lou dobbs police chase
    murders coos county oregon

  4. Anonymous says:
    Mz Smiily[[go mexicans!!]]

    Seriously,,,, Yall should juss shut yo mouths up cause truly yall alwayss be complaining and crap,, when you have never been in immigrants shoes,
    Nott all Mexicans are illegals and some actually do the crap americans don’t want to do. So we gott thee gangas here, don;t be meaning we all part of one. If yall go to Soutt Central LA, thee ghettos are badd as hell! You either in a gang or you get ya head shot off. Try living there.
    Seriously WTF! We want a better life here too, Ma parents want thee best for me an ma siblings, but daum, with yall juss wanting to kickk us out, HA good luckk witt that!!!! Yall be never to achieve that!! Dont be hating tha player, Hate tha game.
    So youth be gettting nicknames that soundd like gang related, hell i mean i got one! Mz Smiily for life here,,, but it don;t be meaning I bang and stuff, but hell if theyy askk who I go for,,

    .:South Side Locos13:. all the way. I don;t want to die anytime soon, hells no.
    Ya we got big assfamilies and crap,, but it means we down & dirty. (if you even get it)
    Don;t be giving us your bs cause we juss tired of tired of it,, let us be.
    I be getting racial cmts in school when the americans straight up know I got ma papers and am a proud US CITIZEN,, but thee wayy thee been acting juss embarrasses me and ma famiy.
    Hell, all this discriminating be juss a bunch of BS! Get over ya selves and ya crappy as complaints!!!

    Thats whatt I gatta sayy about thiss situation.


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