Mexican Cartel Drugdealers Busted In Multnomah County- 'Lucky' Luciano Alfredo Lugo-Velez,Javier Luciano-Ramirez:Kudos to Mult. Sheriffs for saying the word : Illegal

‘Lucky’ Luciano Loses – MCSO nabs kilos of heroin and cocaine Multnomah Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/13/09 Early on Thursday evening on 3/12/09, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office special investigators did a traffic stop on a red newer Ford Taurus in the area of NE 191st & Glisan. Two Mexican nationals, here in this country illegally, Alfredo Lugo-Velez 1/25/77 and Javier Luciano-Ramirez 2/9/72 were contacted. The passenger in the Taurus, Luciano-Ramirez, got out of the car and immediately raised his hands over his head and, oopsie! a half pound of cocaine (about 2000 individual ‘hits’ worth $100,000) fell out of his shirt. ‘Lucky’ Luciano, along with his partner, went to jail and, besides the drug charges (mugshots, charges and bails available on the public website:, click on ‘Online Inmate Data’) they have been place on immigration holds. This arrest follows the seizure, on Wednesday evening, 3/11/09, of 2 1/2 pounds of ‘gunpowder’ cocaine (street value about $250,000, 5100 individual ‘hits’), again, following an investigation and traffic stop on a newer black Ford Taurus in the area of NE 182d Place and Burnside. The suspect is Francisco L. Leon 2/3/69, a Mexican national in this country illegally (mug, etc., on public website).

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