Murder: Beaverton Oregon: MUSHEGERO, NAMEGABE KELEKELE arrested/ charged with murder: Muslim Black African Immigrant bashes wife's (Nabintu Kalamba) head in with hammer

 Murder: MUSHEGERO, NAMEGABE KELEKELE arrested charged with murder: Muslim Black African Immigrant bashes wife’s Nabintu Kalamba ,head in with hammer

MUSHEGERO, NAMEGABE KELEKELE Black Muslim African immigrant, murders wife with hammer because she was leaving him. Another nice example of  Chain immigration and why we need to stop all immigration for ten years. Note ,they wasted no time popping out three anchor babies.

  The State Department has no business being involved in immigration. It is their fault they dump third world primitives  onto US soil and then everyone is amazed that murder, rape, incest, beheadings, and crime occur.

These immigrants are doing what they do in thier home countries, a place they should not be allowed to leave.  The State Department makes no attempt to educate or monitor immigrants, other then to give them section 8 housing that was supposed to go to poor legal United States citizens.

Nabintu Kalamba made the mistake of thinking that just because she was living  in the US,that she had the rights and protections of US women. Well, for one thing the Statue of liberty is not a Goddess and Legal 12th generation women have no protection from violence. That is the hidden ,dirty secret that the Pepsi commercials leave out.

So if you are a third world woman , stay in your own country, the United States doesn’t need your womb.

 The children should go back to the African shit-hole country their parents came from and live with relatives.

  By the way, the three children should be advised to return to their home country. Their parent’s failed in the United States. Their home is Africa.

 check out south africa sucks !!!

Find out how violent, black men are in Africa- so much for the Poor Sweet Immigrants.

 I bet he’s another one of Obama’s Kenyan relatives who defies deportation orders.

Shot of Suspect from Beaverton Homicide this morning
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/16/09

Here is the mug shot of MUSHEGERO, NAMEGABE KELEKELE, the man arrested this morning for murder by Beaverton Police. His arraignment will be tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Center (215 SW Adams Ave.)Please direct any inquiries about the case to the Beaverton PoliceArrested for MurderEarlier this morning, the Beaverton Police Department had responded to a call from a distraught young woman saying her mother had just been killed by her father. The victim, Nabintu Kalamba (49) and her husband, Namegabe Mushegero (51) both lived with their three children at 6155 SW King Boulevard, Beaverton.The oldest of the three children, Ahadi Kelekele (24), was woken up by her two younger brothers screaming upstairs. When she ran upstairs to see what was the matter she watched, in utter shock, as her father attacked her mother with a hammer. Kelekele had called police to report the assault.When police arrived they found Kalamba fatally wounded upstairs, having succumbed to her injuries. In addition, investigators found after interviewing Mushegero that he had assaulted Kalamba with the hammer because she was going to leave him. Detectives were unable to find any previous domestic violence history.The Washington County Forensics Team and the Beaverton Police Detectives are continuing their investigation until all forensic evidence has been gathered. No one else was injured and the children are being cared for by family members.Mushegero has been arrested and charged with the murder of Kalamba. He was lodged at the Washington County jail with no bail; as Murder is a no bail Measure 11 crime.Mushegero’s arraignment will be held Tuesday, March 17th, at 3:00 pm at the Sheriff’s Office law enforcement Center 215 SW Adams, Hillsboro. There is no additional information to be released.##BPD##Beaverton Police Detectives have interviewed the victim’s husband and arrested him on murder charges. The victim was 49 year old Nabintu Kelekele Kalamba and the suspect, her husband, is 50 year old Namegabe Kelekele Mushegero.Both the vicitm and the suspect lived at the 6155 SW King Blvd address. Preliminary interviews and invetigations found the murder weapon to be a hammer; however, a motive for this crime is unknown.

The Washington County Forensics Team and Beaverton Detectives will continue their investigation. However, no further deatils are avaiable at this time.


from google maps- a picture of the apartment area where the murder took place. I bet they got section 8 housing , just like Obama’s illegal Aunt did.

On March 16th, 2009 at 0102 am the Beaverton Police Department received a call from a distraught woman saying she had found her mother seriously injured. The caller was at home with her parents.

Police and Detectives arrived on scene to find the victim upstairs, deceased. Preliminary investigation show the victim’s husband had fatally wounded her. It’s unclear as to the exact cause of death but it does not appear to be a shooting.

Washington County Forensics and the Beaverton Police Detectives are still investigating and talking to witnesses. The suspect was taken into custody and is being questioned by detectives. No further information is available at this time.

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5 Responses to Murder: Beaverton Oregon: MUSHEGERO, NAMEGABE KELEKELE arrested/ charged with murder: Muslim Black African Immigrant bashes wife's (Nabintu Kalamba) head in with hammer

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    unbelievevable: kay strong attacks me saying I am “spit”, ” a Christian. ” I guess Americans cant be christians. I am not a Christian, muslim , Jew or Hindu. I am also not a Mormon or Catholic.
    I am the bad guy for mentioning they were immigrants. No, I dont want any more immigrants: we have billions of them. I didnt murder her, her black immigrant Muslim male husband did,
    that’s what this story is about: ugly immigrants who murder.
    By the way, I said Kenya , not the Congo, but why is that horrible , after all our half black prez
    calls Kenya his homeland?
    as to section 8 housing. Obama’s illegal Kenyan aunt got section 8 housing and I know that Immigrants dumped here by the State Departmen such as the black africans get every welfare program there is ,and they get bumped ahead of poor whites whose ancestors came in the 1600’s. Immigrants who are illegal get housing before white Americans. .Also I am not an immigrant.,
    I did not move here from another countrywhich is the definition of an immigrant. My people have been here since the 1600’s. They created a country where Muslims could move to and murder and rape and not be beheaded. so thank my ancestors for that!
    as to the Native Americans not being immigrants;well yes they are too, by your reasoning; they came here from somewhere else and they too can go back to Tibet

  2. OH says:

    people should click on my link to southafricasucks – Black african violence is commonplace and the State department has no business importing any more third world immigrants, especially mulim blacks. Note how Owen Hyde of Ohio is supposedly a Nice Good person , yet see how much hate and vitriol he throws out! fro Ohio wrote :Your hatred is very misplaced. This is a human issue, not a race or immigration issue. I knew this family and it has devastated them all. Do you think the children want to hear this hate filled article? You are selfish and ignorant. We should ship you off to another country where people can bash you for being an immigrant. It has nothing to do with where the man is from! Maybe it would just be best if everyone stuck with people they look like? Is that what you think? Think about what your saying, and then think of the kids.
    I hope everyone who had anything to do with this article and website has a terrible family tragedy occur very soon, and then I’ll make a website bashing your family member. You are a sad, sad little man that has no perspective on the world. I’m not saying what happened is at all OK, its terrible. However you have skewed the issue to the point where its almost criminal. Fuck you.

  3. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    Kikata Kitofu on I am from the country where the Kelekeles are from….
    blah blah blah- he goes on to list all the white crime he can find and says stopping all immigration for ten years wont stop murder.
    he is missing the point: we dont want any more immigrants, Go home. We dont need african muslims or mexicans
    who drive drunk. We were fine without you. we dont want you and your crappy ways. we dont need millions or billions more third worlders who do nothing but bring the us down.
    I dont care that the african woman was murdered. They should have stayed in africa and not leached off of the US.
    thats the point.

  4. Anonymous says:


    I find this websites not only to generalistic and offensive to the Africans but it is so offensive to Nabintu and her family as well. How can those hash comments be there with police opions as well. Well the action of murdering is bad anywhere, it is not only africans who do it. they did not massacred millions of people in the world war one and the second world war.. Iraq, Afganistan and in Africa and we can go on. Thank you far your concern but you should not take this as an opprtinuty to offend Africans and my family to this point.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      you and all the other African immigrants have no right to be in the US, so please apologize for wasting the resources of my people with your murderous ways.
      As to your english, please deport yourself until you learn to write in our Language.
      and please everyone knows how many millions of black africans have been killed by black africans in the last 50 years. I hope you feel unwelcome here enough so you can go back to your own country. The American people do not want you here. go away.

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