Beaverton Oregon Landlords :Moji Momeni- Immigrant Iranian Beaverton Slumlord sentenced to Jail fined over half a million for prostituting a female tenant

Beaverton Oregon Landlords :Moji  Momeni- Immigrant Iranian  Momeni – ( Muslim  Iranian Pimp  Immigrant Slumlord) in Beaverton sentenced to prison for forced prostitution of mentally ill female renter

Momemi,is yet another ugly immigrant. . He was jailed and fined almost a million dollars for  pimping  out his female tenants for blow-jobs. This is exactly what The United States does not need and why we need to stop all immigration for ten years
       No agencies regulate  landlords in Oregon , making it possible for immigrant landlords to behave in sleazy ,

unethical ways.Momemi uses money  obtained from his rentals to give scholarships to fellow  Iranians. In other words, he is  racist and UN-American, and acts in an exclusionary manner by only giving out scholarships to Iranian Americans. Momemi is not the only landlord in Washington County that is pimping out his low-income female tenants for sex.

2007Associated Press

HILLSBORO, Ore. — A judge has sentenced a Beaverton landlord to a month and a half in jail for sexually abusing a former tenant who was mentally ill.

Moji Momeni, 49, a Beaverton apartment owner charged with sex abuse.

Fifty-year-old Moji Momeni has no prior convictions. He is listed as the owner of more than 15 properties in Beaverton.

Momeni was convicted earlier this month of three counts of sexual abuse, after the victim testified that he forced her to perform a sex act in exchange for not paying her 575 dollars in rent.

Three former tenants, all women, testified during the two-day bench trial that Momeni made inappropriate comments to them and touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable.

None of those instances resulted in criminal charges.

Four people testified on Momeni’s behalf, including two tenants who said he was kind and fair.

Momeni was also sentenced to five years of probation and must register as a sex offender.

Momeni has described the incident with the woman as a misunderstanding, and says he should not have allowed it to happen.

Jury awards Beaverton woman $855,000 from former landlord

Posted by The Oregonian October 01, 2007 16:44PM

Moji Momeni

A Washington County jury has decided that a Beaverton woman should be paid $855,000 by her former landlord after he forced her to perform a sex act with him in exchange for back rent.

The verdict against Moji Momeni and his company, CJR Inc., which owns 15 apartment buildings, mainly in Beaverton, was handed down Friday by a Washington County Circuit Court jury. The defendant’s name is being withheld by The Oregonian because of the nature of the allegations.

She sought, and was awarded, $55,000 in economic damages to reimburse her for past and future expenses. She sought $5 million each for non-economic and punitive damages. The jury awarded her $280,000 for non-economic damages – to compensate her pain and suffering – and $520,000 in punitive damages to punish Momeni for his behavior.

The Circuit Court decision follows a criminal conviction last October. Momeni, 51, was convicted of three counts of third-degree sexual abuse. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and was designated a sexual offender.

The civil suit arose from the same incident. On Dec. 17, 2005, the victim went to Momeni’s Beaverton office at 12190 S.W. Longhorn Lane to discuss $575 she owed in back rent. Momeni forced the woman, a single mother who suffered bipolar disorder, to perform oral sex to eradicate the debt.

To read earlier stories about this case, click here.

Momeni continues to have  a scholarship fund for Iranians only, paid for from his rent money collected from Americans.

 Print this story out and mail it to  the Community Alliance of Tenants . So far in their ten plus year history they have sided with illegal aliens and immigrants over Americans, and have stayed in the safe Nest called Multhnomah County, rather than deal with immigrant slumlords like Momeni.

also get involved at . Oregon ranks 11th in  the number of refugees the State Department dumps on us and this makes it possible for Oregon Slumlords to jack up rents and take Oregon even further into the dark ages. Every immigrant whether an illegal alien from Mexico or some Muslim from Africa, displaces legal Americans and also help to set the bar lower for landlords in Oregon if that is at all possible.

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