Generic Mexican Male armed Robbery at Mexican T & C Market Salem Oregon

  • Mexicans are not self-deporting they are criminals who rob to stay in the US

  • Mexican Males do not respect Oregon’s laws.

  • Mexicans, whether Illegal or anchor babies are prone to criminal behavior in Oregon

  • This Mexican robbed another mexican and spoke spanish while doing so.

  • He was armed with a gun, but many use knives and machettes too.

  • This Mexican would be given Amnesty by Congress and Obama

  • The Hidden costs of the mexican invasion are enormous

Deputies investigate armed robbery
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/18/09

On 3-18-09, at 12:37 am, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred at the T&C Market at 13437 Portland Road NE. The owner reported to deputies that he was at the front counter talking to a customer when a Hispanic male entered and pointed a handgun at them. The suspect spoke in Spanish and ordered both of them to go to the backroom/office and get on their knees while he patted them down. The cash drawer was on the floor in the office and the suspect took an undisclosed amount of money from it before leaving. He then ordered both the owner and customer to get under the desk , closed the office door and left, possibly in a vehicle.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 5’6″, heavyset, in his twenties. He was wearing dark colored clothing and the handgun he used was a silver colored semi-automatic. If you have any information regarding the suspect or the robbery, please contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at
(503) 588-5032.

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