Mexican Raping Season of American Females in Oregon: March-February: Jose Enrique Arroyo: Tom Potter's Mexican Day Laborer rapes 10 yr girl with finger at OMSI

 Mexican Raping Season of American Females in Oregon: March-February: Jose Enrique Arroyo: “Tom Potter’s Mexican Day Laborer” rapes 10 yr girl with finger at OMSI.

    by the way , media cowards , reaching under a girl’s dress with your finger is called ” finger-fucking” , It is not molesting. I know of a teen girl who told me Mexicans would come up to her at the teen dance club in Portland, in the late 90’s ,and just bend her over and try to rape her right there. She had common sense and beat up any male who attempted such things and refused to have anything to  do with Mexicans. When she was ten and the invasion was just beginning, mexican males followed her in trucks. No matter what mexicans do in Oregon, everyone defends them.

This is why we need to close the borders and deport Mexicans. This is hardly the only incident in the last few weeks: the media only reported it because a Father got involved and it was at high profile place., So who does this wetback rent from? who does he work for? Some one , most likely an affluent American makes it possible for him to stay in the United States.  Mexicans have a free ride here, and so do the spawn called anchor babies of Mexicans. No wonder Jose feels he can rape girls in front of their father’s in Liberal Portland. Tom Potter declared Portland off limits to ICE and spent a ton of money to build them a  place for them to masturbate in , in public.  Now, Multnomah county in is the red , but no one mentions the cost of the day labor site or the housing of mexican criminals.
Jose Enrique Arroyo, 34, was arrested 10 days ago after the alleged assault at the OMSI chemistry lab. He pleaded not guilty and will be back in court in less than two weeks.PORTLAND, Ore. – A man accused of grabbing a 10-year-old girl’s backside at OMSI appeared in court Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the child’s family is angered over what happened, specifically how they say an OMSI security guard responded to the incident.

Shawn McTimpeny said he was watching his daughter through the glass of the chemistry lab when a man grabbed her backside.  McTimpeny said OMSI security wanted to let the man go.

“OMSI personnel told me I was overreacting and I needed to calm down and I told them ‘no, my daughter is 10 years old and he grabbed her inappropriately – I’m not overreacting,'” McTimpeny said.

However, officials at OMSI have a different version events.

“The OMSI security did call police and in fact stayed with the accused person through the whole time until the police arrived, so we were very concerned that he was attended to and that the parent was attended to,” said Nancy Stueber, OMSI President.

“I think they’re more interested in protecting their image than in dealing with the situation,” said McTimpeny, who remains upset over the incident.

Stueber said she is looking into McTimpeny’s complaint.

“I’m trying to figure out how he could have such a different take on what happened,” she said.  “I was not here at the time and I understand why he was upset.  We had four staff members and security and staff members that participated in this and we’ve gotten reports from all of them that are consistent.”

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9 Responses to Mexican Raping Season of American Females in Oregon: March-February: Jose Enrique Arroyo: Tom Potter's Mexican Day Laborer rapes 10 yr girl with finger at OMSI

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    no matter what Mexicans and mexican anchor babies do in Oregon, there is always some female who rushes to defend their actions. Using the Race card to exempt Mexicans from accountability is getting really old, but that is exactly what Valerie did in her racist towards white Americans email.
    Adult males do not grab or touch little girls or adult women in a sexual manner. apparently it is okay for little white girls to be raped by Mexicans and or mexican anchor babies ?
    As to day laborers, The murder of Dani C countryman happened because two mexican gardeners decided to rape her at a party. Tom Potter encourages crime against Americans by siding with illegal aliens and providing them with a Kings X.
    But then all of Oregon government does. Maybe this Mexican Jose should go live in Mexico.

    ValArie Brashier

  2. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    ps when the Oregonian or the Portland Tribune etc,starts doing real reporting of crime by the invaders, then my blog will not be needed.
    as it is, there is a complete media suppression of how the invasion of largely mexicans is impacting Oregon. I remember when Oregon wasnt occupied territory by Mexico.
    Stop birthright citizenship. go to numbersusa and help end the invasion.

  3. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    Hunter B Brashie rjr
    46 of :
    Topanga , CA
    Playa Del Rey , CA
    Westlake Village , CA
    Sherman Oaks , CA
    Granada Hills , CA
    Agoura Hills , CA
    Venice , CA
    Apo New York , NY
    Hunter Brooks Brashier
    Valarie Dee Brashier

    Hunter Brooks Brashier, the husband of valerie, who wrote in defending and protecting the pervert Jose , is threatening me with slander lawsuits and letting me know I am being investigated.
    Well Hunter, that is a two-way street. Many Americans are tired of having their female relatives stalked, grabbed, raped , harassed by Illegal mexicans and anchor babies of Latin America.
    So, they might be upset to see you defending a male who grabbed a 10 yr old girl in public. Just thought I would add that.
    Have a really nice day .

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  5. Nicolas Palleroni says:


    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      agreed- but deport them and let them die in mexico . body disposal can be a big problem

  6. millie moore says:

    I understand what your saying I grew up in a farming town in Oregon I was 6years old and raped by a mexican in the park in salem on a easter egg hunt I spent 2 weeks in the hospital that goes to show you its every race not just one !!!!!

  7. Melanie says:

    Oregon man get life for shooting a Mexican.

    If you can’t shoot Mexicans, How can you keep them out of your country?

    It’s your governments job to shoot them at the border not yours. Never take the law into your own hands. Your government has failed to stop these criminals at the border.

    Americans are now in jail for defending their own country because their government has failed in their job of protecting you.

    You pay your governemt to protect you. They have failed over and over again. The Mexicans are far more of the threat to your life than Arabs are. We are fighting at the wrong border.

    Obama has embrassed the enemy. Obama and Mexicans are brothers.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I agree Legal English speaking Americans are being punished , while the government looks the other way for Illegals . In the meantime, Illegals have learned to use the Police as a weapon, to bring Americans down, but then they mostly come really corrupt countries where bribing an officer and lying is normal behavior and not considered unethical, anymore then having sex with five year olds is or stealing ID.

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