Mexican Breeders Drug Dealers w/Guns & immigrant trash:Garibay, Herera/ Garcia/ Vermilyea/ D. Guajardo arrested for meth dealing & unfit parents: Campus Court 4196 Campus Loop NE, Salem Oregon

guajardo20monica20Mexican Breeders Drug Dealers w/Guns  & immigrant trash:Garibay, Herera/ Garcia/ Vermilyea/ D. Guajardo  arrested for meth dealing & unfit parents: Campus Court apartments , Salem OregoA

above check out the sharpie eyebrows on the gun toting criminal mexican- american .This is what 13 Amnesties since 1986 has produced: an under-class of criminal mexicans. Nancy Pelosi, Millionaire who hires illegals, is saying it is un-american to arrest illegal aliens because they might have children. Has she met these breeders?


  • Smooth racist move by Fox News. Seems one of the females is a white woman who married a mexican illegal so he could get a green card, so they only show the white woman’s face: Barbara, and not the Sharpie Eyebrow Mexican breeder.

  • Mexican females on meth with felony convictions, with guns, with anchor babies and filth

  • Stereotype that only white people are meth dealers. Nope oregon is full of mexican drug dealers

  • who are the slumlords that rent to them and make the invasion and destruction of Oregon possible?

  • Yet another example of mexican family values and immigrant values.

  • Don’t email and slobber stupidly that the mexitrash arrested are not illegal aliens. they are mexican trash , and if they somehow scammed a green card that changes nothing. 



Additional photos**Street Crimes Unit makes multiple arrests at same apartment complex
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/19/09

**Additional Photos attached:On 3-18-09, at 11:50 am, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit responded to 4196 Campus Loop NE, Salem, regarding a drug complaint. An employee of the Department of Human Services – Child Welfare Division (DHS) also responded because there was mention that children were involved. Deputies attempted to make contact with the resident of 4196 for several minutes but no one would answer the door. While they were there detectives received information regarding another drug complaint in the same apartment complex. However, when they investigated it, they learned the residents were medical marijuana card holders and in compliance (no arrests or citations were issued).At 12:43 pm, detectives saw two young children enter the front door of apartment 4196 where they had been earlier. Detectives knocked on the door, again, but no one would answer. A key was obtained from the manager in order to check the welfare of the children. While they were preparing to unlock the door, Barbara Garibay-Herera (06/13/78) opened it and allowed detectives and Child Welfare to enter the residence. Detectives determined the apartment was unfit for the children to live in (see photos) and they were taken into protective custody by Child Welfare. Garibay was arrested for Criminal Mistreatment.While finishing the investigation at 4196, detectives received another complaint (from DHS) about potential drug activity at 4192 Campus Loop. Contact was made with Rosalind Garcia (10/25/83) and she consented to a search of her apartment. Detectives located a methamphetamine pipe lying on top of her night stand, a firearm on the mantel above her bed, hollow point ammunition on her floor, and in an unlocked safe on the night stand there were several Ziploc bags with meth residue, two cyclobenzaprine pills (muscle relaxers), and metal knuckles. Garcia was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor (3 counts), and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. One child was taken into protective custody from the apartment and two others from a daycare.

While attempting to complete their investigations on the first three apartments in the complex, detectives received yet another drug complaint regarding 4194 Campus Loop. Detectives made contact with Rebeckah Vermilyea (8-18-76) and obtained consent to search the apartment where they found drug paraphernalia. Vermilyea was cited for Possession of Methamphetamine, and another occupant, Monica D. Guajardo (01/17/81) was arrested for a probation warrant and cited for Giving False Information to Police.This is an excellent example of agencies working together as well as neighbors being concerned about their quality of life and the safety of their community. If you suspect someone is endangering the welfare of their children, using drugs or dealing drugs you are encouraged to contact law enforcement and provide as much information as you can. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Drug Tip line is (503) 588-5112 or you can go to and click on Drug Activity Complaint.

  • 4196 Campus Loop NE: Barbara Garibay-Herera, 30, is arrested on a charge of criminal mistreatment; two children taken into protective custody
  • 4192 Campus Loop NE: Rosalind Garcia is arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine, three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and felon in possession of a firearm; three children taken into protective custody
  • 4194 Campus Loop NE: Rebeckah Vermilyea, 32, is arrested on a charge of possession of methamphetamine; Monica Guajardo, 28, is arrested on a probation warrant and cited for giving false information to police


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