Vancouver Washington: Mohammad robbed by Black Man: Immigrant Slum, Crime, Slums, Mexican & Black Criminals

More Gallows humour concerning the Invasion. See Open Borders. See State Department Visas, See Slum lords rent to Criminals. See Nice Quiet Vancouver ruined Forever. Before the Invasion, which in Oregon started in the Late 80’s, Black Criminals were unheard of in Vancouver, they were still in North Portland. We didnt have Muslim immigrants working at 7-11 or food mart.  Yes, there were slumlords, but we didnt have Mexicans and Russians and all kinds of immigrant trash.Now Vancouver has MS-13 gangs . It was never a rich area, but it once had country farms and country people. That is all gone.p1010088p10100811


Vancouver Police Dept. – 03/21/09

On 3/20/09 at approximately 9:35pm a call of a Robbery from the food mart located at the 10400 block of NE 4th Plain came out. The suspects are an unknown black male in his mid 20’s wearing a black bandanna and a white male identified as 20 year old Patrick Cecil. The suspects told the victim, 73 year old Mohammad Haq who was working behind the counter that they were going to steal some beer. The suspects told Mohammad if he tried to do anything that they would hurt him. The other victim is 40 year old Irfan Haq who was walking back towards the store from his car. He confronted the suspects and told the suspects he knows them and knows where they live. Irfan was told by the unknown black male if he follows them that he will shoot him. The suspects then fled on foot.
A track was started and Irfan was able to point to an apartment that he suspected one of the suspects to be affiliated with. One of the suspects is still outstanding.
Patrick Cecil was booked on Robbery 1

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