Officer Steve Smith seriously injured by Ezequiel Quevedo:" Lying ,Crappy-Driving, Mexican Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory)

smith20and20jettOfficer Steve Smith was seriously injured byan illegal alien /Lying /Crappy Driving/ Mexican / named Ezequiel Quevedo ,Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory Of Mexico) 

 it is important that A Mexican  Driver harmed a police officer, due to his crappy driving In Salem. He was seriously injured and this Mexican is what Obama wants to have on our freeways. No to amnesty. Deport all Illegals . The Wetback got off with a ticket under a thousand dollars ,while the Officer has injuries and you pay for all this accident. I am really tired of Mexicans being treated as though they were children and let off the hook every step of the way.

Salem Police Officer Injured in Crash With  Lying Mexican Scum Semi Truck-Photos Attached
Salem Police Dept. – 03/26/09

Attached are photos of the crash scene involving Officer Steve Smith as well as a picture of Officer Smith and his canine, Jett. picture20059

A Salem Police Canine Officer sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries in a collision with a semi truck at about 5:15 am this morning.

Officer Steve Smith was driving southbound in the left lane of Commercial St SE near Owens St SE when his vehicle was struck by the semi truck. It appears as though the semi truck was also southbound on Commercial St either in the right or center lane and was attempting to make a wide left (east) turn onto Owens St when the front of the truck impacted with the side of the patrol car.

The incident was called in by another motorist, as Officer Smith’s injuries prevented him from doing so. Officer Smith, who is 38 years old and is a fifteen year veteran of the Salem Police Department, was transported to Salem Hospital where he was admitted with non-life threatening injuries. Officer Smith’s canine, Jett, was not injured. The driver of the semi, 50-year old Ezequiel Quevedo of California, was not injured and is being cited for Improper Turn At A Stop Light with a bail of $320 and Falsifying a Log Book with a bail of $367. picture20061

The incident is being investigated by the Salem Police Department Traffic Control Unit and the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Photos of the scene will be available later and will be sent out at that time.


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3 Responses to Officer Steve Smith seriously injured by Ezequiel Quevedo:" Lying ,Crappy-Driving, Mexican Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory)

  1. Hal says: hal- cop hater wrote the following:

    Big deal.

    would that extend to you and your family Hal?

  2. Gonzalez says:

    What makes you think he was illegal? you said yourself he’s from California. I’m Mexican, born in California and I’m not illegal. What do you say about me?

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      What do I say about you? assuming what you said is true, then you are an anchor baby, and essentially illegal, since your parents or grandparents exploited laws designed a hundred years earlier for the freed slaves.
      Or your parents came illegally , squatted in LA , worked illegally with fake ID., spat you out along with ten others, and then were granted Amnesty because everyone was too lazy too deport you.
      The fact that you call yourself a Mexican rather then an American points to your illegal criminal history.
      I was reading an interesting book about pioneer families and the letters they sent home. One woman ended up in New Mexico, and the mexicans on the jury sided with the mexican she had legal problems with and so she lost her battle. even then mexicans were racist , and dishonest.
      they do work hard at breaking the law though I will hand them that.

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