Racist Rosa, the Mexican Breeder, shares her Hatred of Whites

 3Racist Rosa the Mexican Breeder shares her Hatred of Whites




r_mexican_chick@hotmail.com – rosa the mexican shares her deep , unedited thoughts: ”

gotta say that I always enjoy the names you give Mexicans, its quite hilarious; Anchor Babies, Wetbacks, Beaners. I really don’t know how you guys do it. Reading this site makes me sick. You all that put Mexicans down are no good motherfucking down syndrome retards.

 Us Mexicans are here to stay

  • , like they all say WE COME HERE TO DO THE WORK THAT YOU WHITE SHIT DON’T DO, and ya we do it for ANY AMOUNT BITCHES!

  • why? because we have values and we care for our family’s that’s why we come here, we come here for a better life.


  • get a fucking clue white faggots! Don’t you RACIST FUCKS dare calling us lazy, when my Tia Maria comes and cleans your cancer dying diabetes white wrinkle tit grandma.

  • Also don’t think that by calling us all Pedro or Juanito is going bring us down..its like really OK..calling us Mexican names is supposed to make us mad? how is that an insult? its a name with a Latin sound…like really people..come up with something better.

  • Like would it make you white people mad if I said hey Tom Bob John? NO, of course not you guys would be thinking….uh OK cool? right? oh and another thing we got a black president

  • now so i suggest you retards drop your handicap ways and wake the fuck up. You guys AREN’T WINNING!!!! The world is changing and different races are dominating.

  • Everyone stop being ignorant.


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5 Responses to Racist Rosa, the Mexican Breeder, shares her Hatred of Whites

  1. Harybryw't says:

    you are a law breaker bitch pure and simple get in line like everyone else and wait your turn bitch mexicans have no right to this land this is native american soil navajo apache modoc pomo ohlone paiute nations inhabited this land long before the existence of mexico how dare you try to claim someones elses land you stupid bitch

  2. Tara says:

    hey, rosie, maybe you’ll have another crack at your GED within the next ten years…

  3. Tara says:

    From “Rosie the Rivetter” to “Rosie the Raunch” — America, you’ve come a long way, Baby!

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    California is drowning in Mexicans. The state is teetering on bankruptcy, because it is is spending more than 8 billion dollars a years for illegal Mexicans to have babies, have insurance and drain welfare and any other social service agency they can.

    That’s what the women do. The men go out and take any and every job they can from American citizens. These cockroaches will work for absolutely nothing, driving down our economy and eroding the economic structure of California commerce in general.

    Now, with a welfare check coming in and money from menial wage jobs that they will never pay taxes on because they are working under the table, these filthy insects finally have enough money to go out and purchase that infamous green minivan.

    Mexicans are worthless.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I know – one way to check out if they are using fake alias is to enter whatever name they given as legit into the white pages search. if they dont show up then they are double dipping.
      I know a mexican female who of course is a ruthless breeder,. she has a common law husband who doesnt show up in oregon at all because he is under the table. She can then get food stamps for her girls, to the total of 400.00 a month and WIC and medical while he brings in cash from his gardening jobs. Total scum

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