Illegal Columbian Latina Hispanic Fanny Velasquez, Steals ID to buy Home in United States


Illegal  Mexican Hispanic Steals ID to buy Home in United States

( picture above is of a Illegal Mexican Drug Dealer arrested in Oregon City last week. She is also pregnant. If she is in jail when  her baby  is born, it  will be an anchor baby and a United States citizen)

The housing crisis occurred in part because Banks were falling all over themselves to give home loans to illegals. This happened just before Illegal aliens caused the Mortgage Foreclosure crisis which took out so many other businesses. ILlegal Aliens are not harmless. The Mainstream  media may deny the connection but it is the truth. Ask Wells Fargo.
Victorville Illegal Alien from Columbia convicted of forgery to be deported
VICTORVILLE – A woman who applied for two mortgage loans in someone else’s name pleaded guilty to forgery Thursday and is set to be deported after she serves a prison sentence, prosecutors said.Fanny Velasquez, 54, was sentenced to 16 months in state prison. She will be released to Immigration and Customs Enforcement following her prison term and will be deported to Columbia, said San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office said.The investigation began in October 2006 after a woman tried to buy a home in Victorville, but was turned down for credit. She checked her credit report and discovered she had $177,000 in mortgage loans for which she never applied, prosecutors said.Investigators discovered Velasquez used the victim’s identity to buy a new home. Velasquez was living in one of the homes with her family. She was arrested in Fontana in April 2005.
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