Olga Dudrov : The Ugly Immigrant:Russian Immigrant Meth Dealer Arrested March 29th in Gresham Oregon



there was glitch and my first post about Olga the Russian immigrant meth dealer arrested in Gresham on march 30th, is gone. Suffice to say, we are so happy that  this immigrant could become a drug dealer after being allowed to come to the United States. Makes you want to fire everyone at the State Department, because they have no business letting in all the third world criminal trash they do. Notice the sharpie eyebrows.
 Americans need about one billion more Olga’s and Maria’s and Pedro’s and Mohammed’s.

Booking Information


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SWIS ID: 730074
Name: Dudrov, Olga I
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Arresting Agency: Gresham Police Department
Arrest Date: 3/29/2009 5:51 PM
Booking Date: 3/29/2009 6:57 PM
Current Status: Released
Assigned Facility: PERM
Projected Release Date: Unknown
Release Date: 3/31/2009
Release Reason: Court Ordered Release

Court Case No. 080933989 DA Case No. 2148423 Citation No. None
Charge Bail Status
POSS METH (C Felony) $0 Disposed
Court Case No. 090241278 DA Case No. 2160908 Citation No. None
Charge Bail Status
POSS CONT SUB 3 (A Misdemeanor) $0 Disposed

Bail required could be the full amount or 10% of the full amount

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7 Responses to Olga Dudrov : The Ugly Immigrant:Russian Immigrant Meth Dealer Arrested March 29th in Gresham Oregon

  1. lisa Hunt says:

    you fucking son of bitch!!!! you have no right to judge her, you have no idea what this girl has gone through to cause her to do drugs. Get your fucking facts straight, you dont know anything about her! Nor about how she came to live in the U.S flammable218@hotmail.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      No one cares what her sad immigrant story is. If a legal american does something like this they are called white trash and human garbage. Most immigrants and anchor babies are used to being treated better then Americans. They expect sweet little stories that show empathy. I am writing this blog to show how immigrants really are and why I am fed up with them.,
      any immigrant who commits a crime should be deported. You are lucky Americans are nicer then most people otherwise we would have killed you off long ago

  2. lisa Hunt says:

    first of all im a us citizen just like u, so dont give me that crap!!! and there’s enough of all kinds of ppl in the U.S not just immigrants. We’re not any better than them !!!! And what makes u think they are going easy on her?? Like i said get your facts straight. It’s the illegal immigrants that we should be worried about. She has lived here for 17 years and worked and payed taxes just like everyone else ever since she was seventeen. its just these last few months that she had a substance problem. And shes not a drug dealer! Before you go out pointing out other people’s problems, you should fix yours first. Im asking you nicely please remove her from this site.

  3. lisa Hunt says:

    Come to think of it you are a immigrant as well cause this land was stolen from the indian’s.

  4. lisa Hunt says:

    So, what do you do for a living? Or this is you primary job and bleeding welfare. MOST of us are hard working people, families, life…etc. I think you are bored out of your mind and have too much time on your hands. Maybe you should try and find another job, or a job… or another hobby, then whine and snivel. Should really try to help those kind of people for a better world. “World peace”. NOT WW III. Because of sites like these, there are hate, terrorism, wars… etc. Would you agree?

  5. Chris says:

    cooleha@hotmail.com Just wondering where the fuck do you come up with all the info?
    My other question is how old are you, how do you look like.Post your own fucking pic so everyone can see what an ugly pig you are,probably severly overweight, old dushbag who gets his satisfaction by rediculing new immigrants,because United States of America is a country of immigrants , so unless you are a native(Indian-American) you better shut the fuck up and if it comes to that go take a shit on your insestors graves,cause you are spitting against the wind on that one you fag.So my advise to you would be – go take a closer look in the mirror,because you are just goddamn jealous of those mugshots that you post cause you ain’t even close to the ugliest motherfucker on’ em. All you can do is open this retarded website, which has no profit, you gain nothing of it. I know what your problem is, you freak.You hate yourself so fucking much and got nothing more important going on in your fucked-up life, that you prey on someone who in your own crazy fucked up mind is worse than you are. That is true that immigrants legal or not get in trouble with the law, because some of them are raised in poverty, which leads them to the life of crime and violance and they have that instinct to survive in a gutter which you would never understand. Why don’t you write about American citizens who commit same crimes as immigrants and sometimes even worse. Ever heard of a serial killer-immigrant?Do names such Charles Manson,the infamous unibomber and others don’t make you go HuHhhhhh maybe the problem is not in those refuges , but maybe its something that all the criminals of every nation do?There are those who break the law consistantly and those who made 1 mistake and you are ready to tear them apart for that.Let me tell you something you ugly fuck, I was in jail quiet a few times myself and let me tell you this 90%+ are American citizens born and raised.What you gonna say about that?Nothing, just like you are a big zero.You are a piece of white trash that nobody wanna associate with. So here is my profile of you: fat as a motherfucker, buttugly, most likely mentally ill (I mean you have to be on some kind of disability,otherwise who is supporting you? Unless you still live in your parents basement which makes you a fucking worst looser on this planet.) You most likely a loner, who doesn’t have any friends or you have a couple but they are even worse loosers than you are.So if you got something to say spit that dick out of your mouth, don’t worry the one in your ass its ok to be a homo and prove me wrong.Besides I have a clue where you live at so how about an appointment 1-0-1? You won’t even show up cause you are the biggest pussy in the universe.Get out of that basement of yours and step outside to explore the world, there are much better things to do besides hating everyone you can and being afraid that someone might shank you for being an ignorant dick you are. Change or die in hatered.

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