Former Apartment manager arrested ID Theft /Theft Patti Ann Bradley Theft

Former Apartment manager arrested ID Theft /Theft Patti Ann Bradley 

Former Apartment Manager Arrested For Theft Charges

This is why I know the invasion of illegal aliens and gang members etc has been made possible by Landlords and thier Skanky Property managers.
 It is so easy for them to break the Law because no branch of the law is watching over them. So of course they rent to illegal aliens and Renters trust the average skanky property manager with all the info they need to steal their ID. This is  what Oregon is about.


Sandy Police Dept. – 04/02/09

On 04-02-09 Officer Bickle of the Sandy Police Department arrested 35 year old Patti Ann Bradley of Bend for 3 counts of Theft in the first degree, one charge of Identity Theft and one charge of Falsifying Business Records. She was arrested in Bend earlier today on a warrant for the listed charges and transported to the Sandy Police Department for a brief processing then on to the Clackamas County Jail where she was lodged. Bail was $40,000.00. This investigation began in April of 2007. The officer assigned to the initial investigation died suddenly in 2008 before completing the investigation.

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