CARLOS HERNANDEZ-ANGEL, illegal alien mexican from Seattle Drunk nearly takes out Cop

 CARLOS HERNANDEZ-ANGEL, illegal alien mexican from Seattle Drunk nearly takes out Cop

An Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper was nearly struck Sunday morning by an intoxicated driver as the trooper walked up to a vehicle he had just stopped for a traffic violation on Interstate 5 north of Myrtle Creek. After nearly sideswiping the trooper, the car ran off the freeway and crashed into a dirt embankment. This was the second close call over the weekend with DUII drivers hitting or nearly hitting an OSP patrol vehicle.

According to OSP Sergeant Steve Mitchell, on April 5, 2009 at 6:20 a.m. Trooper Dan Wells stopped a vehicle southbound Interstate 5 near milepost 112. While exiting his patrol car and walking up to the violator’s vehicle, he saw a red Honda Prelude nearly sideswipe his patrol car and the vehicle he had just stopped.

Trooper Wells saw the Prelude continue southbound and drive off the roadway onto the outside shoulder where it crashed into the dirt bank only 150 feet from the trooper’s location.

Trooper Wells immediately released the vehicle he had stopped and drove up to the Honda Prelude where he contacted the driver, CARLOS HERNANDEZ-ANGEL, age 30, from Seattle, Washington. Subsequent investigation led to the driver’s arrested for DUII, Reckless Driving, and Recklessly Endangering Another Person.

Neither HERNANDEZ-ANGEL nor a 30-year old passenger in the Honda was injured.

HERNANDEZ-ANGEL was lodged in the Douglas County Jail on the above mentioned charges.

This incident is the second known close call over the weekend involving a DUII driver and OSP troopers on traffic stops. The other incident occurred south of Brookings on Highway 101 where an OSP trooper standing on the passenger side of his patrol car was knocked to the ground after a DUII driver crashed into the left rear corner of the patrol car.

According to the final 2008 report on law enforcement officer involved deaths, for the 11th year in a row more officers were killed in traffic incidents – automobile and motorcycle crashes and being struck by other vehicles – than in shootings or any other cause of death.

Photograph Sources – Oregon State Police and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

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