Mexican BRADLEY LAVERN RUONAVAARA,Truck Driver Dumps Load due to Grabbing Burrito:

Mexican BRADLEY LAVERN RUONAVAARA,Truck Driver Dumps Load due to Grabbing Burrito:
Once again Mexicans cause trouble( and for the record: anchor babies, and migrant workers who were Amnestied are still Mexicans. Note he was eating a Burrito and cost the taxpayers yet more money: a classic mexican trait)
Reaching for a ‘breakfast burrito’ was blamed by a commercial truck driver as the reason for losing control on Interstate 5 south of Wolf Creek and overturning, spilling a load of joists across the freeway.

According to Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Ken Snook, on April 6, 2009 at approximately 11:26 a.m. a 2003 Kenworth truck pulling a trailer loaded with 60-foot “BCI Joists” operated by BRADLEY LAVERN RUONAVAARA, age 62, from Murphy, Oregon was northbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 74 entering a right curve. RUONAVAARA reportedly reached down for a ‘breakfast burrito’ and drifted toward the center line. He tried to correct his line of travel and lost control, causing the load to shift and the truck and trailer to overturn.

The overturned truck came to rest across the right northbound lane and shoulder. The overturned trailer and spilled load blocked both northbound lanes and the southbound lanes.

With the help of several citizens, the southbound lanes were cleared of debris to allow for the lanes to be re-opened.

The northbound lanes were closed intermittently throughout the afternoon for recovery efforts.

RUONAVAARA was transported by Rural Metro ambulance to Three Rivers Community Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. He was cited by Oregon State Police for Violation of the Basic Rule.

ODOT, Wolf Creek Fire Department and Caveman Towing responded and assisted at the scene.

Photograph Source: ODOT and Oregon State

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