Mexican Illegal Hispanic, latino Breeder- Female Robs Beaverton Bank: Mexicans not leaving turning to crime instead

hoottiteeisharpieesharpie-eyebrowsaprilel-222Female Bank Robber Hits Beaverton
Beaverton Police Dept. -The really important thing : did she have sharpie eyebrows? did she get laid off from Merry Maids? The Beaverton Police never check for immigraton status, but she will turn out to be illegal or some mexi-trash anchor baby from arizona.


On April 7th, 2009 at 3:17 pm the Beaverton Police Department received a call from the Northwest Credit Union 8625 SW Scholls Ferry Road, explaining they had just been robbed. However, the suspect had already left the bank.When police arrived the bank employee explained she had been given a note telling her to hand over all the money at her station. She complied and once an undisclosed amount of cash was received the suspect picked up the note and left in a car.

The female bank robber was described as Hispanic, in her late 20’s to early 30’s, 5’8″, 180 pounds, with dark hair (in a ponytail) and a mole above her lip. She was wearing a dark zip front sweatshirt over a tank top, jeans, high heels and large black sunglasses.

Police also learned there was a second suspect, as there had been a driver waiting with the car. The driver was described as male and is possibly white or Hispanic, in his early 30’s and was also wearing sunglasses. The only description of the car used was that it had been a white sedan.

No weapons were displayed or implied and no one was hurt. The Beaverton Police Department and the FBI are continuing their efforts into the investigation; no additional information is available.

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4 Responses to Mexican Illegal Hispanic, latino Breeder- Female Robs Beaverton Bank: Mexicans not leaving turning to crime instead

  1. Anonymous says: Rosa
    All of you sound like racist hicks. Your arguments against ilegal immigration are completely overriden by your racist remarks and stereotypes, making you lose any shred of ethos.


    are human and have the right to pursue joy and education, just as you would if your country was an increasingly communist shit hole. May god forgive you all for your hateful and ignorant comments.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      so illegal aliens have the right to commit crimes to further their own happiness ,because that is exactly what they are doing , from the time they cross the border, to when they get fake ids which belong to legal Americans, and from there to when they rob banks or small stores.
      Immigrants do not have the right to pursue their happiness , as you call it, in the US , at taxpayer expense. US citizens do not have the obligation to make the entire third world happy or educated.

  2. Lonnie Banark says:

    These Mexicans/Latinos have been invading the U.S. border for over 30 years, stealing any thing they can get. Medical, Education, Jobs, IDs. They perfected the art of forgery/fraud. I think the United States should use the Military to round them up and deport there children which now have had there own children. If they don’t want to leave, then the only solution is to have a genocide. These Mexican are costing the U.S. Billions of dollars a year. It’s time to put them out. All Permanent Resident Aliens cards to be cancelled, No new Visas to be issued, unless they obtain Health Insurance before entry into the U.S. If they let the Insurance Lapse they will be deported with No Chance of Appeal. Put The Miltary on the U.S./ Mexican border with orders “SHOOT TO KILL” any body that attempts to cross the Border Illegally

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I agree but under Obama the Kenyan President, ICE is working at 60 percent of what it was working at under Bush and there were hardly any ICE raids with Bush either.
      Only Legal English SPeaking Americans have to follow the laws in our law-less land.

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