Labor Ready of Tigard Oregon Openly discriminates against English-Speaking Americans: Illegal Mexicans Need ONLY Apply

This isn’t an exception, it’s the rule in Oregon, from State Government down to landscaping._day_laborerWhite Legal Americans need not apply.

My son is a construction worker who has been unemployed since the builder he worked for went under in the housing crash. Since he was raised to work rather than sit on his ass collecting unemployment, he has been looking for any legal work he can find.

 Last month he found a Labor Ready here in Tigard Oregon that has plenty of work for construction workers. He has just one problem: He is a legal citizen who can’t speak Spanish. This Labor Ready is Mexican only, *no whitey need apply*!
  I thought he was exaggerating until I went down to see for myself.

If you are not a Mexican you must present two forms of ID, take some idiot test and fill out 10 pages of arbitration agreements and legal waivers.

 Illegal aliens just walk in and announce (before god and everybody) that they have no ID and receive a work ticket in front of the ten Americans waiting for work.

The Latina Dispatchers (who do not even try to conceal their hatred of white people) will not send a non-Latino out to work until they have sent out every last Mexican in the hall AND called in every one they can get on the phone.

The American workers I talked to told me that the only way they get work is when a customer asks for a worker who can speak English.

 They have called the ICE many times, and even filed complaints with Labor Ready corporate. Of course nothing has been done.

 How do I know they are illegal aliens? I have sat in the hall and listened to the manager call out names to inform people that their stolen SS cards are no good any more and that they have three months to come in with a new one. Three months to steal some new ID. Of course they can keep working until then.

And when the new stolen ID comes back bad? Just wait three more months and steal another one. This situation blows the entire “Americans won’t do these jobs” argument completely out of the water. Desperate American citizens line up outside the Labor Ready at 5am every morning, only to have their jobs stolen by criminal aliens and a criminal company.
 My father did not leave one of his legs and most of his sanity in the frozen hell of Korea so his grandchild could have his country stolen from him.

My grandfather did not survive the burning hell of normandy so another group of racist criminals (La Raza) could turn this country into a narco-anarchy sewer like mexico. What kind of broken, castrated children are we to allow this to go on? What kind of free man waits for the government to do what it will not do? If you have any doubts about what I am saying, please go investigate it yourself. The hall is at:

12559 SW Main St.
Tigard, or 97223

Senator Ron Wyden And Jeff Merkley Approve of Illegal Mexicans getting Americans Jobs and of ID theft by Illegals. They voted against E-verify.ron_wyden_official_portrait3

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4 Responses to Labor Ready of Tigard Oregon Openly discriminates against English-Speaking Americans: Illegal Mexicans Need ONLY Apply

  1. Duraun says:

    Have you noticed that labor ready no longer has that particular branch anymore???

  2. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    I was just informed that the TIgard branch has been closed. Well I hope it was because of my thread about them, which was sent to me by someone else,
    They still have a branch in HIllsboro and beaverton so I would like to hear about all the corruption out there. but remember ,in washington county they openly hire illegal aliens, so illegal aliens from Hispanic countries dont really need labor ready because they get hired over legal Americans.

  3. Eduardo says:

    First of all let me say that what they did to your son was wrong but,the racism of these thread is going over board.For one calling as you say it “la raza” a bunch of racist criminals is going too far.I’m sure not all Latinos hate white Americans because I’m one.I’m Latino American.As I’m sure not all white people hate Latinos. But calling us racist criminals is bull. I’m sorry on how the dispatchers treated your son and the rest but they don’t represent the Latino community as a whole.but it was understandable since that particular orginasation was made for illegals. I’m happy that it closed down because they should have given you equal chance at employment as the illegals and not sent them out last.anyways what I’m trying to say is that you should not hate us just because you had a bad experiance with that particular group or any other group. Don’t judge the race but the person.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      After I published Eduardo’s first stupid post , he wrote three more, and basically he is an illegal alien idiot, who doesn’t grasp certain things like it is a crime to steal someones identity and of course he wants illegal aliens to be able to work illegally because otherwise they might have to go out and steal , which is what they are doing when they work illegally and of course, La Raza isnt racist even though it is for hispanics only. by the way, Illegal Mexicans have turned to crime and stealing and dealing drugs. they arent out in the fields picking crops( which I am against by the way, whatever cheap labor you import will end up destroying a country and mexicans and blacks are proof of that

      Digging through this “latinos” bad english, I found he made some outrageous assumptions.
      First that illegal aliens from Mexico should be allowed to work illegally.
      He made no mention of fake ID, nor did he call La Raza a racist organization ,but he was quick to call the Legal American racist for even mentioning the nationality of the illegal job stealer’s.

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