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Ayad Al-Musawi: Muslim Immigrant steals $300,000 in Ink from Xerox to sell on Ebay

Nearly $300,000 in Printer Ink Seized in Search Warrant Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/09/09 yes another ugly immigrant; for sure he is an immigrant, the next question is he illegal like Obama’s  Aunt? Shouldn’t he be deported? Summary of … Continue reading

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Mug Shots: 27 Illegal Mexicans Arrested April 10th, in Mayor Potter's Sanctuary City Portland Oregon

 I am just posting the mug shots; The crimes were Heroin dealing, Menacing, sexual abuse, drunk driving, Assault and US Holds, which means they are considered gang members and are being held for questioning but they were picked up on … Continue reading

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White Women Who Marry Illegal Mexicans: Multnomah Mug Shots: Latina Hotties

re- Mexicans (Everywhere) (Mexi-can’t) Date: 2009-04-23, 7:47PM PDT 1) Don’t worry, we don’t want you back. 2) The only reason they marry white women (when they find one stupid or ugly enough) is so their children don’t have to look … Continue reading

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