Ayad Al-Musawi: Muslim Immigrant steals $300,000 in Ink from Xerox to sell on Ebay

Nearly $300,000 in Printer Ink Seized in Search Warrant
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/09/09

yes another ugly immigrant; for sure he is an immigrant, the next question is he illegal like Obama’s  Aunt? Shouldn’t he be deported?

Summary of Event:
Today Washington County Sheriff’s Detectives served a search warrant at the house of a man who was working at the Xerox plant in Wilsonville. They seized 9,946 ink sticks that had been stolen from the plant. One man was arrested during the warrant service.

Details of Event:
On Thursday, April 09, 2009, at 8:05 a.m., detectives from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Unit served a search warrant at 7227 SW Millennium Terrace in the unincorporated Community of Aloha. This was the culmination of a lengthy investigation involving thefts of ink from the Xerox plant located at 26600 SW Park Way Avenue in Wilsonville, Oregon.

The case began when security personnel from Xerox contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that they discovered online sales of their ink sticks that were not authorized. After investigating the online sales Washington County Sheriff’s Detectives determined that someone using the ebay ID “dodo_6666” was selling a large volume of ink. Ebay supplied the information that the owner of the ID was 42-year-old Ayad Al-Musawi from Aloha. Mr. Al-Musawi had sold over $150,000 worth of ink on ebay.

Detectives discovered that Mr. Al-Musawi was a temporary contract employee for a company called Adecco. He had been assigned to work at Xerox for the past two years. Mr. Al-Musawi did not have permission to remove ink from the factory.

Detectives served the search warrant this morning at Mr. Al-Musawi’s house in Aloha. He was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail where he was booked on charges of Aggravated Theft I. Detectives seized 9,946 ink sticks from his house. The retail value of the ink sticks exceeds $275,000. Some of the ink sticks were already packaged in US Postal Service boxes ready to be shipped.

It is believed that Mr. Al-Musawi was stashing the solid ink sticks on his person and then taking them out of the plant at the end of his shift.

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4 Responses to Ayad Al-Musawi: Muslim Immigrant steals $300,000 in Ink from Xerox to sell on Ebay

  1. Jaywardne says:

    Shame on your racist connotation. How many times you have used Christian, Hindu, Sikh or Jew rapist and theifs in your reporting. This is absurd and we should not looking at the people on the basis of their color, race, religion, creed or orientation.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      My main point is that immigrants who commit crimes should be deported, and that includes all immigrants. I point out every day crimes made by mexican catholics. Hindus are criminals too.
      Illegal aliens and immigrants are a huge problem and we need to stop all immigration for ten years. Stop the state department from handing out more visas and get rid of anchor babies and chain immigration etc.
      The United States has been ruined by the largest immigration in our history that Congress and the Corporations decided upon not american citizens like myself. go to http://www.immigrationcounters.com to find out how much this is costing us.
      by the way, all the emails I get never ever focus on the crime committed by the illegal alien, instead they call me names like racist or bigot, or say idiot things like we are all immigrants. If you were attacked by an immigrant or illegal alien, I doubt you would mouth platitudes

      like: please lets not talk about immigration again, this is a tragedy< Jesus loves everybody even mexicans who butt fuck liittle boys and who murder People.

      that is one of the many garbage responses. Mexican Christians think they can use God as a get out of Jail free card, or the Race card. Black Africans spend all their time,
      listing crimes committed by white males, not knowing of course that they are racist. if you dont like what I write then go back to your own shit hole.
      I was a liberal democrat wbo felt sorry for third world swarthies until I was shafted by them over and over again. I saw up front the ruthless selfishness and that they did not care who they walked on to get their peice of the American Dream.

  2. snakewind says:

    Stoptheinvasionoforegon, I’ve got blond hair, blue eyes, and an eight inch cock that you can suck. People like you should be hunted for sport.

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