RED ALERT!FOR OREGON Call now Oregon about to give instate tuition to illegal aliens instead of Deportation

Call now Oregon about to give instate tuition to illegal aliens ( when will oregon gov stop selling out)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:01 pm    Post subject: Oregon In-state tuition bill gets a hearing next Monday Reply with quote

I have a great idea, let’s reward the children of illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes with reduced tuition, while we stick it to taxpayers. Please support your fellow countrymen who are under assault in Oregon.

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:13 am Post subject: RED ALERT FOR OREGON ON IN STATE TUITION!PLEASE HELP


Friends of ALIPAC,

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter weekend. Now it is time to get back into high gear!

We received word over the weekend that illegal aliens and their supporters are making a new push for in-state tuition in Oregon! A state legislative committee is expected to vote on this bill around 1:30pm MT Today!

Please drink your coffee and get on the phones with us immediately. We need ALIPACers coast to coast calling and e-mailing with the message.

“Please vote no today on HB 2939 “in-state tuition for illegal aliens” this bill would replace innocent American students in the limited seats in our colleges at taxpayer expense, and it would attract more illegal aliens into Oregon and America, while polls show that four out of five or approximately 80% of American voters oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens!”

Here is the list to contact…

Here’s a list of members of the House Education Committee, with telephone numbers and email addresses:

Sara Gelser, Chair (503) 986-1416

Michael Dembrow,

Vice Chair (503) 986-1445

Sherrie Sprenger,

Vice Chair (503) 986-1417

Chris Harker (503) 986-1434

John Huffman (503) 986-1459

Betty Komp (503) 986-1422

Ron Maurer (503) 986-1403

Arnie Roblan (503) 986-1409

Kim Thatcher (503) 986-1425

Suzanne Van Orman (503) 986-1452

Rep. Dave Hunt is Speaker of the Oregon House (503) 986-1200.

Please post your questions, comments, and progress reports at this link….

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