Alert! Salem Police Protect Mexican Illegals Hispanic Male (mexican Illegal? Anchor baby?) robs Taco Bell with Knife, 5795 Commercial St SE Oregon

Report & Deport: 503 326 7475 

 I knew when I saw this story that it was a mexican, Mexicans rob with knives .  it was also in mexican territory. So i google the address with robbery in title and found it was teen hispanic that  robbed the place and his ilegal mexican parents brought him to the  police. There was one story about two days ago which mentioned he was an Hispanic teen and then the story was buried.

 The reason they hid it is because Salem government wants to give a huge tuition break to Illegal mexican teens just like him , instead of deporting them. Call ICE demand an investigation.

of course ICE was not called for deportation. They intentionally removed his identity so they could work for Mexico. Its like Washington county hiding Mexican crime by listing all  mexicans arrested as white males. There was no reason to protect this mexican punk , whose family should be deported immediately. 



yr old Arrested in Connection With Taco Bell Robbery
Salem Police Dept. – 04/16/09

The parents of a 17 year old male brought their son to the Salem Police Department about 7:30 last night after they learned he was responsible for the robbery of the Taco Bell, 5795 Commercial St SE, which occurred last Tuesday shortly after 2:00 PM. The juvenile was subsequently lodged at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Facility charged with Robbery I, Menacing, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. A knife had been displayed during the robbery. The family lives near the restaurant.

The same Taco Bell restaurant was robbed twice previously in 2007. The suspect in Tuesday’s incident had no role in the previous robberies.

The Salem Police Department commends the parents for their actions last night.

Salem police received a report of the robbery at the fast-food restaurant in the 5700 block of Commercial St. SE about 2:15 p.m., spokesman Lt. Dave Okada said. The man brandished a knife to the cashier and demanded cash, Okada said. He left on foot with an undisclosed amount of money, he said.

The same location was robbed twice in June and July 2007. Two men were involved in each of those incidents.

Police are asking for the public’s help to find the suspect connected to Tuesday’s robbery, described as a Hispanic male, 20 to 30 years old, 5 feet 9 inches and 150 pounds, Okada said. Anyone with information is asked to call (503) 588-6123.

— Stacey Barchenger

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1 Response to Alert! Salem Police Protect Mexican Illegals Hispanic Male (mexican Illegal? Anchor baby?) robs Taco Bell with Knife, 5795 Commercial St SE Oregon

  1. G & R and Mexican drug dealers says:

    I witnessed a sale of drugs (cocaine) at the “G & R foreign” 4825 ridge Dr. NE Salem, 97303. The organized crime in Mexico is reaching Salem, OR. I saw it with my own eyes and now I fear something may happen to me if I report this activity. The police should do someone to start investigating this activity. The people working at here are part of a bigger organization which operates by Mexicans. They are working with stolen identities, but what really bothers me they start selling drugs and using the site as a cover. I send an anonymous tip to the police department at Salem but no investigation, no report has been file.

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