Attempted Abduction 12 yr old Girl by (illegal alien?) Swarthy Hispanic- Mexican Male :Marion County Occupied Territory


Attempted Abduction 12 yr old Girl by (illegal alien?)  Swarthy Hispanic- Mexican Male :Marion County Occupied Territory:

UPDATE! A member of the using the fake name of  K Dietz Clan , from Salem , claiming to be the mother of the girl,contacted me. Apparently she thinks open borders and a huge population of single males from a primitive country , here illegally, have nothing to do with the attempted rape of her Daughter. Once again, anger that should be directed towards Congress  and state government for allowing a million perverts into Oregon is directed at my blog.

Mother has written me again to tell me she is using a fake name to keep the pervert from finding her daughter.
First the pervert already knows where the grandmother lives.

 Two using a fake name can cause trouble for all of those with the name of Dietz, of which there are quit a few in salem.

 My blog is about the Invasion of Oregon ; mexicans are the largest group of invaders and they are costing Oregonians big-time.

My own daughter was followed by an adult mexican male when she was ten and I had to keep her inside. My daughter lost the freedom to ride her bike to the store because an adult mexican illegal alien wanted to rape her.

I will continue to write about mexican crime until someday when Oregonians realize they made a huge mistake and revolt.


  my blog my rules. If someone writes me a hate email I will edit what I want to post and remove the other stuff. 



Sheriff’s Office responds to the report of an attempted abduction
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/22/09

On 4-19-09, at 3:10 pm the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 4800 block of Cougar Court regarding the report of an attempted abduction of a 12 year old child. Contact was made with the grandmother who reported her granddaughter was playing outside when a Hispanic male pulled up in front of the house. He then and rolled down the passenger side window and said “would you like a ride” and patted the passenger side front seat. The child told him no and went inside the house to tell her grandmother. However, when they came back outside the suspect and vehicle were gone.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, in his 40’s, unknown height/weight, with a round wrinkly face, dark skin, dark hair and a unshaven “scruffy” face. He was wearing a dark colored short sleeve
t-shirt and faded blue jeans. The victim indicated he spoke clear English. The make and model of the vehicle he was driving is unknown, however it is possibly a faded black 4 door with a brownish roof top.

If you have any information regarding the suspect or vehicle, please contact Marion County Detectives at (503) 540-8007.

Ron Wyden approves of this attempted rape of a 12 year old girl. he is for open borders and for allowing illegal aliens as many fake ids as they wish. Deport Ron Wyden

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1 Response to Attempted Abduction 12 yr old Girl by (illegal alien?) Swarthy Hispanic- Mexican Male :Marion County Occupied Territory

  1. B says:

    This stuff happened in my neighborhood and it’s never ending. We have a 3:1 ratio of mexicans to whites. Too many brown named Jose and Maria. It’s obvious they aren’t smart enough to think of more than two names which shows they aren’t smart enough to be worth anything but yet they either steal our jobs, or steal our cars. Either way, illegals are taking over every inch of our city. Getting our wellfare, popping out kids like rabbits and making us feel unsafe in the used to be clean neighborhoods we grew up in. When will this end? It won’t until we the people make it stop. Soon there will be wars in America against the illegals and no one will care about Iraq and their bull crap. I’m just fed up!

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