Traitor Sheriff Russ Isham in Marion County: Occupied Territory of Mexican Criminals

 Yet another reason Marion county is a place where American women in wheelchairs are sodomized and raped by Ilegal aliens from Mexico. Those  working in Government are largely traitors.

Elected official turns traitor: Please call 503-588-5094 or email and ask if his elected position is to protect legal citizens or pamper the feelings of foreign born criminals? This is someone we voted into office. This is someone we can remove from his position. Let your voice be heard that the choice he has made needs to cost him his job.

Sheriff rejects illegal-immigrant holding plan;
But critics say that Marion County jail could use the money

By Thelma Guerrero-Huston, Statesman Journal, April 23, 2009

Marion County Sheriff Russ Isham has turned down a proposal from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to use the county jail as a regional holding place for suspected criminal illegal immigrants.

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The deal would have meant an influx of federal money for Marion County.

The sheriff’s decision has drawn fire from groups and people opposed to illegal immigration.

“I don’t understand that,” said Jim Ludwick, president of the anti-illegal-immigration group, Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

“It’s costing taxpayers in Marion County about $2.3 million per year to incarcerate about 80 illegal aliens,” he said. “It would seem to me that anything that can be done to mitigate that would certainly be of benefit to the people of the county.”

Isham said the county already has enough of its own criminals and doesn’t need to handle anyone else’s at the 528-bed facility.

Before making his decision, the sheriff sought feedback from various groups in the community, including people who support immigrants and people who are against illegal immigration.

In the end, he decided against the deal because of “concerns I had about how the partnership with ICE would affect the relationships my office has worked so hard to develop with minority groups in Marion County,” Isham told the Statesman Journal. “But I admit, the money was appealing.”

ICE told sheriff officials they likely would house eight to 10 detainees at the jail at any given time from other jurisdictions, until they could be transported to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash.

At $74.07 per day for each detainee, Marion County would have seen $600 to more than $700 per day in federal funds for housing detainees from other jurisdictions.

The deal also would have paid for foreign-born criminals in custody at the jail on local charges.

Through the federal government’s State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, or SCAAP, state and local governments can ask to be reimbursed for housing criminals held on local charges and who have had ICE holds placed on them,The ICE request also would have meant making available office space or a working area at the jail for at least one ICE employee.

At least two-thirds of ICE detainees are held in state and local jails, according to ICE spokeswoman Lori Dankers.

The federal agency regularly places officers in jails to conduct interviews with foreign-born inmates in support of the Criminal Alien Program, or CAP, she said.

Currently, more than 50 jails in Oregon participate in the program, she said, adding that the offer extended to Marion County was not part of that program.

She confirmed that Isham had declined the agency’s offer to house detainees in his jail.

“We were looking to see if there was space available at the Marion County jail that would help us meet both short-term and long-term detention needs,” Dankers said. “It’s not something we tried to coerce. We still have a working relationship with Marion County, with our ultimate goal being public safety.”

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2 Responses to Traitor Sheriff Russ Isham in Marion County: Occupied Territory of Mexican Criminals

  1. Daisy says:

    please give this information to ice officers: Springfield high school, Springfield, Oregon, especially, and also high schools of Eugene Oregon, in Lane County, all have students whose parents are illegal aliens. How do I know this? The educational staff, teachers, etc., all know this.I am an anonymous teacher. They know who the students are, and who their parents are, who are illegal aliens in the high schools. The educational community are hiding and supporting illegal aliens and their student’s. This is illegal.

    Please, give all this information to ice, and the government, and the state office of detention and removal office in Seattle. One of the teachers in Springfield high school, who knows all about the students, name is John Lovdokken, a 33 year resident of Springfield, teaches history and economics at Springfield high. He is breaking the law by hiding knowledge of illegal aliens, students, and their families going to Springfield high. Many of the other teachers know also, and in Eugene Oregon high schools, the teachers also know about students whose families or illegal.they are hiding knowledge of this. Thank you, an American citizen

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