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Jorge Gomez of Beaverton Illegal alien Computer tech discriminates against English Speaking Americans

   Jorge Gomez of 12170 Sw Allen Blvd, Apt # 15, Beaverton Oregon 97005  Phone  503- 431-9713      Problemas Con Tu Computadora? Yet another example of how mexican illegal aliens are gearing their income to other illegal mexicans, because there … Continue reading

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Chinick Landscaping Hillsboro Or Hires Mexican Male National Work Crews: Report to ICE

http://www.chinicklandscaping.com/Chinick_Landscaping/Contact.html Chinick Landscaping located in Illegal alien Hillsboro, has an all mexican crew of young , dark swarthy mexican nationals.Steve discriminates against old Americans, White Americans,female Americans, young non mexican Americans and disabled Americans. This will be reported to ICE.  … Continue reading

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