Check Out 4 Mexican Teen gangsters Steal Car w/ Stolen Guns In Marion County Oregon Anchor babies? Illegal aliens? Mexi-trash !

Four Suspects    Mexican  Meth Puta with sharpie eyebrows lied to Police about who she was- those nice hardworking mexicans, Obama’s pathway to citizenship . So how much did all  this cost Oregonians and why Is Ron Wyden and Obama and most of our Government firmly on the side of this Mexi-trash?guajardo20monicap4280003quesadacadeArrested After Pursuit Of Stolen Vehicle-Corrected Suspect Information
Salem Police Dept. – 04/28/09

During subsequent investigation and interviews in this case, it was determined that one of the suspects that was arrested gave a false name to officers.

Monica Guarjardo, 29-years old, was a passenger in the rear of the stolen vehicle and gave the name of Christina Arismendez when she was arrested. Guarjardo’s true identity was not discovered until later in the day.

As a result, Monica Guarjardo is being charged with Giving False Information To A Police Officer and was also arrested on warrants for Possession of a Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine and Giving False Information. Christina Arismendez WAS NOT arrested in this case.

Photos of suspects Jose Quezada, Thomas Cade, Monica Guarjardo and a photo of the stolen vehicle after it crashed into the building are attached.

Four suspects were arrested after a pursuit of a stolen vehicle that ended with the vehicle crashing into a business and two suspects fleeing on foot.

The incident began at approximately 10:10 am on April 28th when Salem Police Officer Mitch Mason spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Officer Mason noticed the vehicle stopped at a traffic light on Kuebler Blvd and Battle Creek Rd SE and ran an inquiry on the license plate. By the time Officer Mason received the information that the vehicle was stolen, it had proceeded from that intersection and onto Interstate 5. Officer Mason could not tell which direction the vehicle had gone on the freeway, so he notified other Salem Police units to watch for the vehicle.

Approximately four minutes later Salem Police Officer Marc Leeder spotted the vehicle going northbound on Lancaster Dr NE approaching Sunnyview Rd NE. When Officer Leeder attempted to turn around to get behind the vehicle, it fled northbound and turned westbound onto Sunnyview Rd NE. Officer Judy Rhine was eastbound on Sunnyview Rd at the time approaching Lancaster Dr and turned around to continue the pursuit of the stolen vehicle. The stolen vehicle proceeded westbound on Sunnyview Rd, turning north onto Hawthorne Ave NE, then eastbound onto Silverton Rd NE. As the vehicle approached Lancaster Dr on Silverton Rd, it went into the opposing lane of traffic then turned north on Lancaster Dr.

The stolen vehicle continued northbound on Lancaster Dr at moderate speeds then turned westbound onto Ward Dr NE. Officer Rhine performed a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) on the vehicle on Ward Dr, but the vehicle was able to recover and continue westbound until it crashed into a building at Highway Trailer Sales, 3250 Ward Dr NE.

After crashing into the business, the driver, 20-year old Jose A Quezada, fled on foot from the vehicle. Officers and deputies gave chase on foot and the suspect was apprehended. Quezada was handcuffed and was being escorted back to the patrol vehicles when he was able to break away and run a short distance before he was apprehended again.

The front passenger in the vehicle also fled on foot after the vehicle crashed, resulting in officers cordoning off the area and conducting a canine search for the suspect. The Oregon State Police and Marion County Sheriff’s Office assisted throughout this process. After nearly two hours, this second suspect, identified as 29-year old Thomas W Cade, was spotted by Cpl Mark Croll. Cpl Croll gave the suspect commands, but the suspect refused to comply and again fled on foot. He was caught by officers a short distance away and taken into custody.

Found on the front passenger seat of the stolen vehicle was a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun that was stolen from Newberg. There were also two females in the back seat of the vehicle at the time. They were identified as 19-year old Esmeralda Herrera of Salem and 23-year old Christina Arismendez of Salem. Both of these females remained at the scene after the vehicle crashed and were charged with Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. Hererra was also cited for having an Open Container of Alcoholic in a Vehicle.

Jose Quezada was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle, Attempting to Elude, Escape, Theft by Receiving, Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended and a warrant for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Cade was charged with Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle, Interfering With A Police Officer and Parole Violation.

 ron wyden approves of mexican crime. Deport ron wyden

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