31`Mexican Mug Shots In Multnomah County Jail-:Join Numbersusa :Wyden's Portland Sanctuary City Open Borders and Crime


31 mugs shots all of recent arrests in the last few months and there are hundreds more.  Below is the hate mail came from the Troll who offered to rape me with his blonde blue eyed dick a few weeks ago.

Point is the Media is covering up the Invasion and the Crime and the Cost of The Invasion.


to the POS who post mexican mug shots (what the fuck is your point?)

Reply to: pers-3dwxb-1150347910@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-01, 10:16PM PDT

Ok loser, Im am whiter then snow, from the country of whales,(no douche bag. not the big thing that swims in the ocean). What the fuck do you have against our cousins from the south?. Let me guess, you sat on your ass watching the tube drinking cheap beer, and your wife worked to put food in your bulbus gut. she met a ‘MAN” who happens to be from Mexico, and dumped your lazy ass, and you are too stupid to get a job, so you have endless hours to search the web for your need too make your hillbilly ass feel better. Buy posting mug shot of mexicans, stay on that site and tell us how many whites, and blacks you find, now add the asians too First of all, you suck, and second, the better man won, you can post and post, and I can match your posts with mug shots of white people that have done worse, I am whiter than you, and half german, blonde, and blue eyed, yes the master race, tell you what buck wheat, give me a call and I will use my 8 inch white dick to spawn the perfect child for you. Its so funny that you have no dick and your bitch left you, keep posting, only you feel better, you just make the rest of us feel sorry for your trailer park ass.. Buy the way, what does your mom charge you too live in her spare room? And how many mexicans strap bombs to themselves to blow up our troops?. Im so pissed at you posting and posting I cant type. SO FUCK YOU, FROM A WHITE GUY!
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