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Illegal aliens in Oregon Advised in Spanish about Swine Flu by DHSActualización de la influenza porcina: 5 de mayo, 2009

Signs of the invasion:  yes they have taken over and Oregon state government knows they are the likely carriers of Mexican Pig flu because they are illegal and crossing the non-existant border.I want to be an illegal alien from Mexico … Continue reading

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Mexican Occupied Silverton: Car Crash: Wetback Collides with Mexican Jose Adrain Ramos & two Anchor babies

It cheer me up this Cinco De Puta day to read about this car crash, because as I drove around Beaverton today all I saw were Mexicans with  broods of Anchor babies and fat , squat female breeders. Deputies respond … Continue reading

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R & R Stalker reports me to Secret Service and FBI !warning Foul language

lugomex1 @gmail.com , should be considered a stalker in the true sense of the word. He may or may not live in Bothel washington. He may or may not be a mexican-american. His intetions are typical of open borders terriorists and anti-free speech fascist. … Continue reading

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