Mexican RoadKill:Illegal Angel Hits Illegal Jesus: Miguel Angel Ruiz,- Illegal Mexican Hits/Maims Jesus the Drunk Mexican

Mexican RoadKill:  Miguel-( Illegal Mexican) Hits/Maims Jesus (the Drunk Mexican Day Laborer )

God works in mysterious ways, maybe the Mexicans can all run over each other and so help us get rid of 38 million parasites with anchor babies.In the meantime that’s another huge medical bill cow 44that neither of  the mexicans involved will pick up the tab for and don’t expect the Mexican government to do it either. You, the legal American taxpayer will.
Salem Police Dept. – 05/14/09

Salem Police investigators have now positively identified the pedestrian who was struck by a pickup truck as he ran across Portland Rd NE at Northgate NE on the evening of May 12.The pedestrian  drunk illegal wetback named Jesus has been identified as 38-year old happy_face_teamJesus Lopez-Salas of Salem. His next of kin has been notified, and he remains hospitalized with life threatening injuries.
jesus-christ-txt-11The Salem Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying the pedestrian that was struck by a pickup truck as he crossed Portland Rd NE near Northgate NE at about 9:45 pm on May 12.The pedestrian, who appears to be a hispanic male with a light complexion, is about 40-50 years old, 5’09” tall, medium build with a salt and pepper beard and receding hair line. He was wearing blue jeans with brown sweats underneath, and light brown Wrangler work style boots. It is believed he was drinking prior to the accident.The pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries, but we have been unable to identify him thus far. The Salem Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying him so his next of kin can be notified of his injuries.Anybody with information as to the identity of the pedestrian is asked to call the Salem Police Department Trafficjesus-christ-txt-2 Control Unit at 503-588-6171.Pedestrian: Not Identified at this time
Driver: Miguel Angel Ruiz, 21 yoa, from Salem
Location: Portland Rd. NE, at Northgate NEAt 21:47 Hrs, an unknown 45 – 50 year old, hispanic male was struck by a white 1995 Ford F150 pick up truck. The truck was driven by Miguel Angel Ruiz, of Mexican Salem.

The truck was north bound on Portland Rd when the pedestrian ran east to west in front of the the truck, in violation of the pedestrian crossing signal.

The pedestrian, who has not yet been identified, was transported to Salem Hospital. He sustained serious injuries which are considered to be life threatening.

The pedestrian had no identification.

This incident is still under investigation by the Traffic Control Unit.

Anyone with information about this crash or with information about the identification of the pedestrian, is urged to call the Salem Police Department non emergency line, 503-588-6123

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4 Responses to Mexican RoadKill:Illegal Angel Hits Illegal Jesus: Miguel Angel Ruiz,- Illegal Mexican Hits/Maims Jesus the Drunk Mexican

  1. YourIntellectualSuperior says:

    You are a sickening, racist fuck.
    I bet you’re sitting behind your computer, having nightmares of brown people moving into your neighborhood.
    Scared little quivering pussy.
    Get over your paranoia and join society or suffer the hell that is your own demented, delusional, alcohol-rotted mind.

    Sincerely, your intellectual superior.

    P.S., I’m an American born college educated weight lifting Mexican.
    I bet that pisses you off?
    Fuck you.

  2. Sparky says:

    Racist Puto , this dude is a pussy talking shit behind the computer. show us your home address you racist fuck! So we can beat you to the pulp! you fuckin Pussy!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      sure, but first please provide US with all the needed details on where you live, work , drivers liscense , national origin , etc so we can turn you into the police for Hate Crimes. in other words stop being a limp dick yourself .back to you

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