Reconquista Rosa Garcia : It's Payback Time !Aztlan and Reconquista of the US:Mexicans who Hate White People

from the mouth of rosa garcia:

”  From reading your entries, it appears as though you are merely projecting about how everyone and everything around you is so pathetic and a waste. What is it about you that you’re hiding behind all of this. Do you honestly think that by sitting in your dark home, while listening to political radio shows you’re making a difference? Many more people than the ones you have posted here have lost their lives crossing the border.

 Many more will lose their lives in the hands of people that are too focused on the wrongs of everyone else in order to look away from their own pathetic existence.

  Your megalomaniac attitude towards a group of people that probably has never directly hurt you or anyone you know, is really not getting you anywhere except back and forth to the doctors office for your blood pressure medications.
As far as history has it, European whites have been the reason and force behind the most atrocious forms of violence in the history of humanity.

 This state along with California, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and parts of Washington was once part of Mexico.

It was lost due to the lack of defense and funds. Not because the fight was fair.

So, now you argue about the fairness in Mexicans living here. It’s payback time. We have sat around waiting to be respected and given something, so we’ll be taking it, thank you very much.

While you sit around typing

out your frustration and lounging in your middle class fortress of incapacitated entitlement, we’re doing what our ancestors didn’t: take what belongs to us.

( like social security numbers and government programs created by Evil White People?)

 You can argue, cry and have a tantrum about it, but until you realize that you have as much right as we do, we will do our hardest to prove it to you.
Rosa Garcia

Deport Ron Wyden

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2 Responses to Reconquista Rosa Garcia : It's Payback Time !Aztlan and Reconquista of the US:Mexicans who Hate White People

  1. desertdog says:

    looks like you are crack head ,you should be deported

  2. desertdog says:


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