Beaverton Cops & Having Mexicans next door in Illegal Mexican Occupied Beaverton Oregon

re Call A Cop (Beaverton)

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Date: 2009-05-27, 1:42PM PDT

HI Mr Cop (I assume)

Living in Beaverton in the area where I live is like “Little TJ”. I have to admit I have called Beaverton’s finest on more than one occasion when after I asked my neighboors to turn their music down all of a sudden they “No Habla”. I found it odd when they needed a jumpstart a few weeks ago they could “habla” very well. I have also called the boys in blue when my wife was assulted by one of these poor unfortunates that are only here to improve their lives (and grab my wifes’ ass).

Was I out of line calling the cops in those situtations?

What should I do?

Will you list out the things you’d rather not deal with? and e-mail me a get out of jail free pass so I can take care of things my way?

I have to say I tend to get a bit pissy when I catch some of these little Beans walking on my car and truck – throwing M-80’s into my backyard towards my hot tub/balcony – prying open my mail box – trying to get the wheels off of my truck (complete with bricks to place under my axels) – having fights in my yard.

So maybe Mr. Officer of the Law you could tell me what is worth your time. I pay taxes – lots of them. These freeloading wetbacks have lowered my property value, spray painted stuff on my fence, and have cost me 1000’s.

If you don’t like your job go work at the mall.

Police have a very hard job and going into summer it will get much harder since the trouble makers are not in school.

Good luck on maybe having a better day or your new job at Cedar Hills Crossing

  • Location: Beaverton

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests





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