White Flight from Mexi-trash Salem: One American Laments

foeget me notRant: Victim in Salem park shooting dies (Salem)( killed by an Mexican anchor baby or illegal alien

Date: 2009-05-27, 3:21PM PDT

Hispanics have ruined our neighborhood. We were nice to them in the 80′ when they first started arriving and have had patience through some tough times thinking everything would work out and good people regardless of skin color would rise above the race/stereotype thing. Sadly we were wrong and are moving. They win…that neighborhood is theirs now. You can tell they run that neighborhood now because it looks like a bomb went off in every yard. You can just tell when the life has been snuffed out of this once vibrant neighborhood. They (Hispanics) are the absolute worst race of humans to ever plague the planet Earth. I won’t go into the disgusting details as we (anyone normal) all know why these little brown people ruin everything they touch. Like the Midas touch but instead of gold everything turns to shit. They are pathetic cowards that hide behind guns and gangs to make up for their insecurities as men and as a race. I have never thought myself a racist and still deplore any injustice based solely on race but after thirty years and no improvement despite many tax dollars and lot’s of good will I gave up on Hispanic’s around here. They are like termites eating away at a large tree…eventually it will come down. The Hispanics bring NOTHING to the community and yet expect everything. Our recourse? My family is so blessed to be in a financial position to move farther into the mountains where Hispanic’s are not welcome and simply don’t have what it takes to survive. There is no sense fighting them as our Government won’t help and nor do the Police. What are we as law biding citizens’ left to do? I’m going to miss the warm Salem Spring air and the friends that once filled our backyard. God bless the people of Salem and good luck.

  • Location: Salem

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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