Winco In Beaverton OR- Illegal Mexican Breeder robbed by Mexicans: Fidencia Navarro Peregrina Robbed at Gunpoint-Hispanic Crime Surge in Occupied Oregon


Woman  Fidencia Navarro Peregrina (illegal alien Breeder) Approached by  Mexicans with Guns  Robbers in Winco Parking Lot
Beaverton Police Dept. – 05/29/091ICEBadgePatchLG

here’s a thought – Have ICE do raids at the Wincos, because they are full of illegals and maybe if we deport the scum they wont have time to rob us?

The Mexican Bitch who was robbed is an illegal alien. see about the invasion of Oregon for the address to report her to ICE. The money she has was obtained illegally. Deport her !


Immigration and Customs

Attn: Investigations

511 NW Broadway

Portland Oregon97209

On Thursday, May 28th 2009, at 4:16 pm the Beaverton Police were called by a woman wanting to report she had been robbed at 3025 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton. The victim, Fidencia Navarro Peregrina 29, said she had been in the Winco parking lot when a woman walked up to her, supposedly asking for directions.Peregrina told police she had been putting groceries in her car when she was approached by a Hispanic female wetback breeder asking for help in finding an address. The suspect had said her (suspect’s) father had been in an accident and was at the address on the piece of paper she was holding, but she couldn’t read and needed help locating her injured father.Peregrina explained while she was speaking with the female suspect, a man walked up joining them. It was then the woman told her to give them all her money. Both subjects purported to have guns but explained they only wanted the money.

Although Peregrina said she didn’t have any money they told her to get into her car and drive them to an ATM where she was to withdraw all the money from her account. She complied, giving them $240.00 and was told to drive back to the Winco parking lot. Once back at Winco Peregrina said they rifled through her purse and found an additional $250.00 she had, taking it as well.

As the suspects began to leave they told her not to call police because they had people watching and would know if she did. Although Peregrina was scared and did wait a short time, she decided it was best to report the incident and called 911.

The female suspect was described as Hispanic, approximately 5′ tall, 125 lbs, 40-45 years old wearing a cream color sweater with dirty pants (unknown color), and carried a black shoulder bag. She was also described as having black spots all over her face. The male suspect was described as 6’2″, 200 lbs, wearing a black shirt, green pants, black sunglasses and wore multiple rings.

The Beaverton Police Department is asking for your help in identifying these two suspects. If anyone has information they are asked to call 503-629-0111.

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1 Response to Winco In Beaverton OR- Illegal Mexican Breeder robbed by Mexicans: Fidencia Navarro Peregrina Robbed at Gunpoint-Hispanic Crime Surge in Occupied Oregon

  1. Sindy says:

    You people are fucken stupid to think this world is falling apart because of mexicans alone, just fucken ignorance!
    These fucken mexicans pick your crops, which obviously you
    <strong>lazy fucken rednecks can’t do on your own.
    Blame it all on the mexicans hu, what’s next you ignorant fuckers are going to claim Ted Bundy was mexican?
    You closed minded people are a joke and to be honest it’s almost comical to hear you all rant about something you can’t change,

    we are here to stay!!

    There is good and bad in every race, it’s to bad people don’t want to see it that way.
    You rednecks keep bitching about your lands but bottom line is these lands were never yours to begin with,

    you dirty fuckers stole

    them from the native americans, they are the true americans here.

    I guess what goes around does really come back around.</


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