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Russian Immigrant Drug Dealers:GORBATENKO and BOLOKHOSKIY busted Ecstasy and PCS Suboxna in West Linn OR

Erratic driving leas to arrest for Delivery and Possession of Controlled Substances (MDMA) Ecstasy West Linn Police Dept. -Seems like between the Mexicans and the Russians the illegal drug market is covered. More on Ugly Immigrants and why we need … Continue reading

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Drunk ROGELIO CRUZ-MALDONADO, illegal Mexican with suspended license Rolls Crashes Car Highway 22E Stayton : The Cost of Illegal Aliens

Driver Cited on Multiple Traffic Offenses After Citizens Pulls Him from His Burning Vehicle on Highway 22E near Stayton (Photos) Oregon State Police – I was just thinking yesterday that If I came upon a wreck with mexicans I would … Continue reading

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Vasquez-Mendoza, Luis Missing drunk illegal alien mexican, illegal alien at Dobbins Farm out of the Woodland area

Missing  drunk illegal alien mexican from Dobbins Farm out of the Woodland area Cowlitz Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/29/09 Well more Mexican Humor. Instead of Hiring Americans or teenagers , Dobbins farm hired an alchoholic old short drunk mexican , and … Continue reading

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Hillsboro Oregon: methamphetamine, firearms and cash: 4 Mexican Scum Meth dealers arrested Rosando Zamudio-Nunez;Antonio Sanchez-Zamudio;Freddie Villanueva;Alejandro Mendoza-Sanchez

Does not matter if they are illegals anchor babies are green card mexicans. They are scum, they should be deported -now. WIN Detectives Raid Hillsboro Residence, Five in Custody Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/17/09 Monday, June 15, 2009, at around … Continue reading

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RODOLFO GARIBO, ARNOLDO PALOMARES: Mexican Illegal alien drug dealers of methamphetamine arrested Eugene or area

People think Meth dealers are poor and white. Most of them are Mexican and illegal. Here are two more. OSP Traffic Contact Leads to 2 lbs. of Methamphetamine and two arrests in Northern Douglas County Oregon State Police – 06/25/09 … Continue reading

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AZUCONA GARZA, age 31 shuts down I-5 for 3 hours with five car crash near Salem-Drunk Mexican Latina illegal alien

Yesterday Three people entered” Why I cant get into Marion County” . Why Because a drunk doping Mexican illegal alien shut it down. And you still think Mexicans are good for oregon? this is so funny! Are you enjoying the invasion from Mexico … Continue reading

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Roy Beck's Letter to Corrupt Congress Illegal Aliens stealing jobs from Americans

My Letter To Congress During White House Amnesty Meeting (we’ll remind voters next year of all who turned back on U.S. jobless)   By Roy Beck, Friday, June 26, 2009, 12:25 AM Earlier today — before the White House amnesty meeting … Continue reading

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Oregon 11th Nationally in Refugee Resettlement of Third World Breeders  and Portland is 11th nationally. That’s why whenever I go somewhere, I am about the only white western person who speaks English.  No more immigration for ten years . Get the State Department out of Immigration. Oregon ranks 11th … Continue reading

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Jailing Illegal aliens in Oregon costs taxpayers over $ 37 million a year

June 10, 2009   OFIR members and supporters: As many of you are aware we have been tracking the number of inmates with ICE holds incarcerated at the Oregon State Penitentiary.   The number is now approaching 1200.   That represents a … Continue reading

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Tillman a Black Woman Head of New Multicultural Health Oregon Dept. of Human Services With Spanish Only Memo : More Discrimination against Native Oregonians

Fall of the West: illegal aliens from Mexico etc are already getting every kind of entitlement our government offers, Let us all Worship the Cult of Diversity, Mexicans use food stamps and welfare in US, multiculturism reaches Oregon from United … Continue reading

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