Oregon 11th Nationally in Refugee Resettlement of Third World Breeders


 and Portland is 11th nationally. That’s why whenever I go somewhere, I am about the only white western person who speaks English. 
No more immigration for ten years . Get the State Department out of Immigration.

Oregon ranks 11th for Refugees in the U.S.

Despite the contention raised over immigration, Oregon ranks 11th in the nation for refugees and asylees. Refugees are immigrants who must migrate due to persecution, while asylees are refugees already in this country who seek protection to stay in the U.S. for fear of persecution and even death if sent back to their homeland.

One Portland refugee agency, Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR), has been handling the majority of refugees into the state for more than 25 years. Even SOAR’s board of directors looks like a list from the United Nations. They resettle more than 1,700 refugees each year. But those numbers reflect a fraction of the applicants seeking to enter the U.S.

As one of the new gateway cities, Portland faces a challenge that is pitted between immigrants and native english speaking Americans. Legal American citizens are being displaced at every level in Oregon: jobs, housing, quality of life, safety, even the green spaces  will need to be logged to house the invasion of third world immigrants and their families and their off-spring. The immigration policies of the United States will ultimately and sooner then we expect make the US an even worse place to live , than the places immigrants are supposedly fleeing.



 chain immigration: Deport not Import Third world breeders

 ps I got this site off of Congressman David Wu- a green card immigrant who has an F on immigration. Go to Numbersusa.com and read up

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