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Hillsboro Oregon: methamphetamine, firearms and cash: 4 Mexican Scum Meth dealers arrested Rosando Zamudio-Nunez;Antonio Sanchez-Zamudio;Freddie Villanueva;Alejandro Mendoza-Sanchez

Does not matter if they are illegals anchor babies are green card mexicans. They are scum, they should be deported -now. WIN Detectives Raid Hillsboro Residence, Five in Custody Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/17/09 Monday, June 15, 2009, at around … Continue reading

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RODOLFO GARIBO, ARNOLDO PALOMARES: Mexican Illegal alien drug dealers of methamphetamine arrested Eugene or area

People think Meth dealers are poor and white. Most of them are Mexican and illegal. Here are two more. OSP Traffic Contact Leads to 2 lbs. of Methamphetamine and two arrests in Northern Douglas County Oregon State Police – 06/25/09 … Continue reading

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AZUCONA GARZA, age 31 shuts down I-5 for 3 hours with five car crash near Salem-Drunk Mexican Latina illegal alien

Yesterday Three people entered” Why I cant get into Marion County” . Why Because a drunk doping Mexican illegal alien shut it down. And you still think Mexicans are good for oregon? this is so funny! Are you enjoying the invasion from Mexico … Continue reading

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