AZUCONA GARZA, age 31 shuts down I-5 for 3 hours with five car crash near Salem-Drunk Mexican Latina illegal alien

IMG_3177Yesterday Three people entered” Why I cant get into Marion County” . Why Because a drunk doping Mexican illegal alien shut it down. And you still think Mexicans are good for oregon? this is so funny! Are you enjoying the invasion from Mexico Yet? First an drunk mexican puta female rams another mexican illegals car, he has another illegal  Mexican who is on the lam with an outstanding warrant from Washington county in his car. The mexican whore AZUCONA GARZA ( who no doubt has sharpie eyebrows, is short and has a huge potbelly)  runs from the cops because she is an illegal alien. In the meantime they take two real Americans out with them and shut down the freeway for three hours. of course that means all the other mexicans cant get to their drug deals and illegal jobs because there are no white Americans left in Marion county.740887067_s 

Critical Injury Crash Interstate – 5 near Salem
Oregon State Police – 06/28/09

I-5 MP 255 2

I-5 MP 255 2

A Salem man illegal mexican received critical injuries in a three vehicle crash on Interstate – 5 near milepost 255 in Salem.On June 28, 2009, at about 4:45 a.m., Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers and Salem Police were dispatched to a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate – 5 near milepost 255 (State Street). According to Sergeant Dale Young, a 1999 Lincoln Navigator, driven by, JOSE ZENDEJAS, age 26, from Salem, ( illegal alienwas southbound on Interstate-5 after having just entered the freeway from Market St in Salem. ZENDEJAS’ vehicle was struck from behind by a 1995, Mercury Villager van, driven by AZUCONA GARZA, age 31, from Salem. There was possibly a secondary impact between these same two vehicles and ZENDEJAS lost control of his vehicle and jumped the dirt berm in the median. ZENDEJAS’ vehicle rolled across all the northbound lanes

coming to rest on it’s side on the northbound shoulder.

GARZA fled the scene on foot, leaving her vehicle parked in the center southbound lane of Interstate-5. GARZA’S vehicle was struck from behind by a 2001 Mercury Sable, driven by CHADWICK NICHOLAS, age 36, from Stayton. In addition to NICHOLAS, his vehicle was occupied by DENISE STOCKBURGER, age 29, from Stayton.

ZENDEJAS was extricated by Salem Fire Department. He and his passenger, GEORGE CERVANTES, age 30, from Eugene were both taken to Salem Memorial Hospital. ZENDEJAS remains in critical condition. His Passenger,

CERVANTES, was treated and released and lodged at the Marion County Jail on an outstanding probation violation warrant from Washington County.

GARZA was located nearby by Salem PD and was taken into custody on an unrelated Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II charge. Once GARZA was contacted by Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers she was arrested for the following crimes:

-Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants
-Reckless Driving
-Recklessly Endangering (Four Counts)
-Fail to Perform Duties of a Driver (Misdemeanor & Felony)
-Assault II
-Assault III.

Additionally GARZA was cited for refusing a breath test. Garza was lodged at the Marion County Jail on the above listed crimes.

Salem Police Department, Salem Fire Department, and Oregon Department of Transportation all assisted at the scene. There were no troopers on duty when this crash occurred. Salem Police Department held the scene until troopers were called out from their residences and eventually arrived on scene. Interstate -5 was closed in both directions for about three and a half hours. Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers from Salem are continuing their investigation. Speed and alcohol are suspected to be contributing factors in the crash.

Photographs courtesy of Oregon State Police

 ron wyden and most of Congress approve of the invasion from Mexico and beyond

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2 Responses to AZUCONA GARZA, age 31 shuts down I-5 for 3 hours with five car crash near Salem-Drunk Mexican Latina illegal alien

  1. Jasmin says: Jasmin says:
    yeah she is my cousin, a drunk illegal slut of a latina. She drives drunk and does drugs all the time. I hope she goes back to mexico before she kills herself driving drunk. My prayers go out to all the legal white Americans who cant even drive in their own state now because of all the stoned drunk swarthy midget invaders
    go to numbersusa com and get involved. deport ron wyden

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nolimittaggers@yahoo.comSergio ramirez

    Fuck all you peckerwoods running your mouth about mexicans being illegal you white folks are just as illegal as them.. The day all mexicans get deported is the day i bring hell to all you fucking white ignorant fucks.. The native americans ran this country.. How the white people say they discovered america when us natives were here already.. White folks caused deaths to many native americans with their dirty selfs.. From disease’s and other bullshit.. Death to all peckerwoods.. Its a NATIVE WORLD…. All you white fucks all aboard the mayflower.. Fuckin pilgrims..

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