Woodburn Oregon: Murdered Illegal Mexican Breeder wastes Taxpayer's money on Police investigation

Once again, the cost of the invasion. The FBI has been called in on a dead, short fat, mexican illegal female, found dead in a field on Woodburn. Most likely raped and murdered by an illegal Mexican Migrant. So the obvious solution would be to call in ICE and start doing massive raids and deportations. Nope. Just more money pissed down the drain for a mexican female who should have stayed in Mexico.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help in identifying an unknown deceased female.
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 07/01/09

**Photo Attached**

On January 12th 2004, the body of a woman in her late teens to twenties was found by a farmer along a fence on Interstate 5 near milepost 268 between Woodburn and Gervis. The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office estimated she had been dead for several months. She is believed to be approximately 4’10” to 5’3″ and heavyset, but not obese. She had black or dark brown hair that was 18″ in length. During their examination a titanium orthopedic rod was found in her left femur (upper leg bone). Marion County Sheriff’s Office detectives tracked the manufacturer of this orthopedic rod to Mexico City. They learned it was made in a ten-unit lot in 1999 and that the manufacturer sold them to medical supply companies as well as public and private hospitals in Mexico. With the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation attempts to identify the female victim through the orthopedic rod were unsuccessful due to records not being kept on whom the orthopedic rods were installed. However, it is believed with this implant the victim would have limited bending motion in her left leg and when she walked or sat, she would have had a noticeable stiffness to her left leg.

The FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia performed a facial reconstruction from the unidentified female’s skull (see attached photo and additional information).

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI has made this information known to media outlets in Mexico in an attempt to find someone who might know who this missing and unidentified female is. If you know of anyone who fits this description or have any information about her death please contact the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Detective Section at (503)540-8007.

Attached Media Files: 2009-07/Unidentified_female.pdf


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