Catalina Mendoza Cervantes Mexican Breeder deals Cocaine endangers Ninos/ anchor babies in Salem or Occupied Territory of Mexico

CERVANTES_CATALINA_MENDOZA Catalina Mendoza CERVANTES, Mexican Illegal? Breeder with Sharpie Eyebrows and Blond Highlights, deals Coke in Salem Occupied Territory of Mexico ( Salem is now a suburb of Mexico City)

what can I say here ? Another example of Mexican family values and hardly a rare case, as Mexicans are dealing drugs all over Oregon , while taking money from the Government for their anchor brats in the from of WIC food stamps, free medical and education. Salem is an example of why deportation of all illegals , including breeders with anchors should be the rule not the exception.
2:20 pm, Tuesday, 06/30/09
Case #09-27731At approx. 7:00 am, this date, Salem Police Street Crimes Detectives executed a search warrant at 3369 River Rd. North in Keizer. The search warrant was the result of drug investigation where (S) Cervantes had sold cocaine.Once Detectives made entry into the residence, (S) Cervantes was found to be gone, leaving her two children, ages 8 and 12 alone. A search of the residence revealed a small amount of cocaine found in the children’s bedroom. candle_lux_perpetua_lgAlso in the children’s bedroom where they were contacted, were several lit candles on a shelf close to the ceiling, which had been burning throughout the night. The candles were close enough to the ceiling candleflickercandlethat the heat was leaving black burn marks approx. 3 feet in diameter on the ceiling. Also found during the search were scales and packaging material.While Detectives were at the residence, they learned that (S) Cervantes was at work, having left about two hours prior. However, when Detectives checked for her, they learned she had gotten a phone call telling her that the police were at her residence and she then fled. Contact was made by phone with (S) Cervantes, but she refused to come home, despite leaving the children alone. Detectives located a possible address where (S) Cervantes may be at and when Officer’s from Keizer Police attempted contact, (S) Cervantes attempted to escape out the back. (S) Cervantes was taken into custody without further incident.

The children were taken into Protective Custody.

ARRESTED: Catalina Mendoza CERVANTES, H/F, 40 yrs, (dob: 07/30/68)3369 River Rd. North, Keizer.

(S) Cervantes was booked into the Marion County Jail on the following criminal charges:
Unlawful Possession of Cocaine, bail $10,000
Unlawful Delivery of Cocaine, bail $20,000
Child Abandonment (2 cts), bail $20,000
Endangering the Welfare of a minor (2 cts), bail $10,000
Maintaining a Place Where Drugs are Used, bail $5,000
Total Bail: $65,000

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