Bedolla-Medina Jaime Camaal-Balam Two Illegal Mexican Crooks busted For Fake Tri-met passes

090708_suspectsAssociated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Portland police arrested two men illegal alien mexican criminal wetbacks accused of making fake TriMet tickets that have been presented on buses throughout the metro area.

Detective Mary Wheat said Wednesday the arrests of 29-year-old Gabriel Bedolla-Medina and 27-year-old Jaime Camaal-Balam followed a two-month investigation. She says the dollar loss to TriMet from lost fares is estimated at more than $100,000.

Police say the forged tickets are difficult to distinguish from valid ones, and TriMet riders should be careful when buying tickets from unauthorized sellers. Anyone using a forged ticket can be arrested for theft.

Both men are charged with multiple counts of forgery. More arrests are expected.
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1 Response to Bedolla-Medina Jaime Camaal-Balam Two Illegal Mexican Crooks busted For Fake Tri-met passes

  1. gary says:

    Here’s another known criminal and illegal alien in Eugene. This criminal illegal immigrant just arrived to Eugene Oregon seeking employment in the food and hospitality industry, more specifically as a Baker, Cook or Kitchen Assistant. His name is JAIME MARTINEZ (CARAPIA) or by an alias ISIDRO ESPINOSA. He uses false identification and/or false or stolen social security ID to pose as a documented immigrant. He is a four time illegal alien from Mexico City.

    Jaime Martinez recently fled state of Jalisco, Mexico (to Eugene Oregon) where there is a warrant for his arrest for assault and battery, failure to appear for recent drug charges, and theft related charges to the selling of business assets. He is guilty of house and car burglaries and drunk driving in Sonoma County, and DWI hit and run in Contra Costa County in California. He has done prison time in Mexico City for killing a police officer and is known to be violent and dangerous if provoked.

    He befriended a U.S tourist in Puerto Vallarta, Corinne Johnson, who encouraged and assisted his illegal entry into the United States and is harboring his stay Eugene.
    YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Contact authorities and let Jaime know he will be deported for his crimes!!

    Jaime Martinez
    2330 Floral Hill Dr.
    Eugene, Or.97403

    (541) 334-4999

    Contact if seen or if working in your business (bakery or restaurant, etc.)

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