Mexicans Migrants get $2.3 million in taxpayer money for housing While legal Oregonians are homeless & facing Foreclosure

We dont need mexican migrants to pick our food, we have Legal Americans who can do the work and at less expense to our country. Woodburn  and Silverton and Salem are all examples of what happens to Migrantsin Oregon;  They never return to mexico, they stay and breed and join gangs and become drug dealers. They are not cheap labor ,they are the most expensive money  can buy. It is yet another outrage that Americans in Oregon often live in substandard housing , with no recourse but to move, yet migrants get entire apartment complexes built just for them and they dont even have to work as farmworkers ( See washington county housing) . In the meantime where is the money for poor and working class Americans in Oregon to help them with housing>m_0b028d3671ba49fc9fd860a4cbb07bee
 The entire Section 8 Program is sliding into ruin because Landlords can rent to mexicans and keep their complexes substandard, whereas if they rent to Americans with section 8 coupons they have to bring their places up to code. Yet another way, mexicans cost us again and again and how they undermine our society. The growers who import them and look the other way when the male migrants rape and drive drunk.
Tax credits available for farmworker housing
Oregon Housing and Community Services – 07/08/09
News Release: For Immediate Release
July 8, 2009

Loren Shultz, 503-986-2008,
Dave Summers, 503-986-2073,

Tax credits available for farmworker housing
Salem – Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) today announced a continuing funding opportunity for farmworker housing.

The agency’s Farmworker Housing Tax Credit program for 2009 has $2.3 million in remaining tax credits available to construct, acquire and/or rehabilitate housing for low- or very-low-income farmworkers. The credits are awarded for up to 50 percent of all eligible costs for improving or constructing the housing and can be taken over a five year period. The credits may also be sold.

Farmworker housing is housing that is occupied only by farmworkers and their immediate families. The housing may be year-round or seasonal, in-town or on-farm. The housing must be located in Oregon and remain designated for farmworker use for a minimum of 10 years.

Applications for these tax credits will be taken on a first-come, first-served through December 31, 2009. Application must be made no later than 180 days from construction start. For more information please contact Loren Shultz, OHCS program advisor, at 503-986-2008 or email

Oregon Housing and Community Services is the state’s housing finance agency and community services program administrator. The department provides financial and program support to create and preserve opportunities for quality, affordable housing serving Oregonians of lower and moderate income, and administers federal and state antipoverty, homeless, energy assistance and community service programs. The OHCS mission is to “Provide leadership that enables Oregonians to gain housing, become self-sufficient and achieve prosperity.” Click on

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Attached Media Files: 2009-07/09-07-08-NewsRelease

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